Yeah - I'm too lazy to do the cut thingy.  Sorry...

Vayne is gone!  He was more of a challenge than I remember but I think I was ridiculously over-levelled last time I played.

I read a theory piece that said that Vayne is the real 'goody' of FFXII because he wants to take responsibility for history away from the Gods, but Ashe and co are following the Gods'/Occurias' wishes making them the 'baddies'.  But a) Ashe does make the decision to destroy the Sun Cryst (albeit late in the day - and she leaves the actual job to Reddas), and b) Venat is BAD - she tortures Vayne when she turns him into the The Undying, and has been corrupting both Vayne and Cid for years.  I agree that Vayne is committed to a noble cause but he's a bit like Seifer - he's backing the wrong side.

I sat through the credits because I thought there might be a little snippet of something at the end but there isn't - except for New Game+ and lots of nice concept art.  I was particularly struck by the picture of Cid holding baby Balthier.  The actual final bit of the game comes before the credits when the camera pans out to show Rabanastre in the middle of the desert.  Whoever developed that game is DEFINITELY a fan of Azure Dreams.  That person (or those people) also must also have worked on that tower-thing on the FFX/FFX-2 remaster.

A couple of things I really liked - Vaan's expression when he said, 'Larsa would definitely have said that' and the dialogue between Balthier and Fran when he picks her up - FRAN: I'd say you have more of a supporting role; BALTHIER: Fran, please.  Because, of course, he's the leading man!

But I digress.  I have completed the story element of FFXII:ZA and I love it more than ever.  I thank everyone at Square Enix who made it possible.

I have also found a couple of games that are coming out next year that look interesting.  Biomutant and Lost Sphear  They are now on my 'maybe' list behind Horizon: Zero Dawn.

Time to get this day underway"
 So, yesterday the daughter and I took the grandson shoe-shopping for school shoes.  Town was heaving (of course) but the shoe shops were all pretty quiet.  We had a list of criteria, some from the school, some from us.  The shoes couldn't be 'trainer type' (which crosses off at least 50% of those available - and ALL the ones he liked), or have coloured labels (goodbye Kickers), I don't like kids in slip ons (cross off about 10% of what's left), or anything too 'posh' (he's going to school not a wedding - lose at least another 20%) and I thought he should wear lace-ups rather than velcros (lose about 30%).  So, yeah, not much left.  Added to which, his trainers are a size 3 but all the size 3 school shoes fell off him - he has his mother's narrow feet.  Shoes below a size 3 tend to be velcros because they're for younger children.  Cue much wailing and gnashing of teeth from all three of us!

But we did manage to find a pair that met the criteria, that fitted and, most importantly, that he liked.  And they were a lot cheaper than I was expecting.  The daughter thought they wouldn't last long but I think there's a good chance his feet will grow soon anyway, so I'm happy to get another pair in the New Year.

I invested in some toothy tabs from Lush as an alternative to toothpaste in a plastic tube.  They seem OK, so far.  If they work out, I'm also going to get the mouthwash.

Today, I plan to hoover the upstairs and clean the bathroom and toilet.  And wash my clothes.  The grass is also getting VERY long - tomorrow's job, I think, if it stays dry.

Every time I sing 'Ordinary World' I get an urge to write a song fic.  I suppose I haven't said I'll NEVER write another but I am trying to focus on original stuff.  But the line 'what would you wish if you saw a shooting star' is just MADE for Rinoa...

And I am about to head into the final battle of FFXII:ZA.
 I moved on a tiny bit with the story in FFXII:ZA (a thousand blessings on whoever wrote the guide book - navigating the Great Crystal was MUCH easier!), and now have Reddas in my party.  I am, therefore, knocking off some more hunts whilst I have the extra sword.  I've done the one in the Nabreaus Deadlands and the one in the Necrohol of Nabudis, which I think makes 31 all together.

I'm trying to rush my way through ST:DS9 series 7 because Lovefilm is being wound down by Amazon and they'll only be offering a streaming service from now on.  It looks as though, as well as paying for Amazon Prime (which I don't really want because I hardly ever order stuff from them) I'll have to pay to watch stuff I want to watch, like ST:Voyager.  Not happening.  I'm already paying for your service, thank you very much.  Time to investigate Netflix, I think - I shall ask J when we talk later.

Back at work for three days, then it's shoe-shopping with the grandson on Friday.  Yay...
 Well, fresh air, anyway.  The daughter invited the husband and myself to brunch at The Tavern in Allerton.  Husband, daughter and grandson all had cooked breakfast (bacon, sausage, black pudding, egg, beans, mushrooms, tomato, toast), I had lemon curd and raspberry pancakes with cream.  It felt weird to be having dessert for breakfast but they were GOOD.  I just about finished mine (with the help of three free cups of coffee) but the others struggled.  If/when we go again, I think I'll try the eggs benedict.  

Then we went into town so that the grandson could spend some more of his birthday money, which had been the original purpose of him and daughter going out yesterday.  They hadn't spent much time together over the summer holidays and she had promised him that they would go out.  Then she invited us to brunch and we tagged along into town!  But it was more a case of them doing what they needed to do and us being with them, rather than it being 'our' day.

We also tried to find the grandson some new school shoes but we didn't have much of a will for it at that point and the pair he really liked were too big.  So, that's a job for another day.  We still have three weekends to get it sorted.  I just don't want to wait until the last minute...

The husband found some really nice Liverpool FC-themed t-shirts, though, so it was worth going out!  And it was nice being out as a family.  It really is giving us the taste for going out more regularly.

Thursday's Team Meeting (church not work) was fun with M in the chair for the first time.  She is so full of energy and enthusiasm.  She gave us a couple of warnings about her style - when she says 'ooh, wouldn't X be a great idea?' she is just throwing out suggestions, she doesn't expect us to run around and make X happen if it ISN'T a good idea; and if she's getting ratty, we should ask if she needs to eat something.  I also realised it's the first time I've told her I've got a grandson who's 11.  It's so long since I first met her and we've been looking forward to her coming so much and I've met her a few times and felt like I've known her forever - but really, we barely know more than each other's names!

We are going to find a time when we can meet up for a coffee and I can give her the Potted History of Rosa.

She also said she and her family feel like they've lived in Liverpool forever and it's really only a few weeks.  People say that all the time about Liverpool.  It has a wonderful way of absorbing people.

And otherwise I've been gaming the hell out of FFXII:ZA.  I'm 60+ hours in, my characters are all at Level 49 (Penelo has just slipped over the line into 50), I have 4 espers, 28 hunts (up to and including all the Level 5s) and I am ready to go back to Giruvegan.  I've explored the whole of Zertinan Caverns because I forgot how to get to the extra bit where the Belito Hunt takes place; I don't have the map yet, because the urn is guarded by two VERY big nasties.  I have also cured the Dalmascan Patient, which is a sidequest i really like - it proves the value of the random kindness of strangers.  I have not yet tackled the floaty weedy thingies in Mosphoran Highwaste, or the fishing challenge (which I want to at least have a good go at, this time).  This game is SO enormous...

I'm going everywhere by foot to pick up license points, even though I know that I will have far more than I need.  I'm not learning many of the accessories because there are just too many to make sense of and they confuse me - Rose Corsage and Bangle are good to have, though.  I made Fran and Balthier ranged fighters and they should probably have been my Black and White Mages, too. I intended Basch and Ashe to be my tanks and they are - but Penelo kind of is, too, when I intended her and Vaan to be the melee fighters.  So, if I ever do a 'start from scratch' walkthrough, I will definitely rethink the job roles.  When I first began, I just got a bit bewildered by the whole Zodiac License Board thing.  But I do have two fairly well-balanced teams and am tackling all the enemies pretty well.  Of course, my standard 'strategy' of over-level and beat the bastards into a pulp ALWAYS helps!

Well, that's all for now, DW.  Toodles!
 First of all, a correction.  There is, of course, no urn containing a map for the Cerobi Steppes.  You buy the map from the Cartographer's Guild moogle in Balfonheim.  I MEANT that I couldn't find the map for Tchiti Uplands.  This, apparently, is sold by the Cartographer's Guild moogle in Archades.  Who knew?  I managed to track the little rascal down in the Technicks shop.  I was convinced it was in an urn - I thought I could remember finding said urn.  I have NO memory of there being a Cartographer's Guild moogle in Archades.  Memory is a strange thing.

The cold that I picked up in Cardiff is still lingering.  I'm not ill - I'm making it into work and getting stuff done - but I'm not 100%.  I am, therefore, being gentle with myself, limiting the morning routine to the essentials and what I want to do - so, meditation and writing are not happening at the moment.  I'm going to let myself off all sorts of hooks until life gets back to full-normal mode on 4 September.

I read a fanfic yesterday that had Xu and Seifer in a love-hate relationship.  Powerful stuff - here.  ff.net seems to have reorganised itself in a not very helpful way...

I do, however, want to write up the notes I made on Monday night before they fail to make any sense at all, so I shall say toodles for now, DW!
 Looks like I've picked up a cold somewhere between here and Cardiff.  I am NOT impressed - although Beecham's, water and a good night's sleep have definitely helped.

Last night was the 'induction and installation' for our new team rector.  It seems so long since we appointed her but she's finally here.  It was a really good night - and the Bishop danced!

Otherwise, yesterday was pretty uneventful.  I worked my way through the Feywood and down to Giruvegan, and am considering taking a break from the story to do some hunts.  I also haven't managed to locate the urn containing the map for Cerobi Steppes even though the whole thing is now highlighted.  I must have run past it *sigh*.  I am loving FFXII:ZA as much as I expected to.  It really is the best game in the series as far as I'm concerned, at least of those that I've played.

Well, that's all for now.  Toodles, DW!
 Tomorrow we go on our Great Welsh Adventure.  This promises to be either Lots Of Fun - or a direct route to divorce!  What is really worrying me is leaving the son in charge of keys...

We've both decided what we're taking but we're not packed yet.  But that is today's task.  I have the train tickets, hotel confirmation and Cardiff Visitor Cards all tucked away.  I do need to find a way of noting some of the places we can use the cards.  There are too many to print out (because we wouldn't want/won't have time to visit them all) so we'll just have to look for some highlights.

In FFXII:ZA, I've defeated the Big Nasty lurking in the Sochen Cave Palace and received my reward.  Next, we push on through the Palace to Archades.  Every time I play I think, 'Yes!  This is how games are supposed to work.  You play the story and level as you go.  Occasionally, you'll need to do a bit of grinding, occasionally, you'll want to do a bit of side stuff, but on the whole, you play the story.'  Sucks to DA and W3!

I've also almost completed Series 6 of DS9 - 2 episodes and the extras left.

Well, that's all for now.  I shall see you on Thursday!
 I'm at the Phon Coast!!!  I love the Phon Coast.  I let my characters go for a paddle in the crystal clear water and their feet looked all wobbly through the ever-moving water.  When they walked, they created ripples in the water.  Did that always happen?  I don't remember it from the original game and I'm sure it would have been something I would have squeed over (I have never used the word 'squee' EVER but that is the only word to describe how I felt about this phenomena) and something I would have been looking forward to seeing again.  Anyway, I'm going to hang around there for a bit and do some levelling.  Everyone is at Level 32 but some of the enemies are 38 (although when we gang up on them, they soon fall) and the enemies in the Tchita Uplands are going to be stronger.  I might look at some of the lower level hunts on my list, too...

Oh, and I got the Gil Snapper!  After doing All The Things at the Stilshrine and Bur-Omisace, I went back to Giza and it was still Wet.  By this time, my party were all Level 30 and took him down.  It still wasn't easy and I did swap one of my original party out for Basch (so that we could do another round of Quickenings) but we got him.  We weren't helped by the interference of a Silicon Tortoise *sigh*

Anyway, I am still loving this game sooo much.  It really is the best FF game, IMO.  FFVIII remains my favourite and I am tempted to buy it for the PS3.  I have even considered picking up a second hand PSP or Vita so that I can play it on the move.  I'm just worried about the screen size.  But, I really, really, REALLY want Square Enix to do a remake.  I'm not hurting for games at the moment.  The plan is - finish FFXII:ZA, play Primal, maybe mop up some bits of FF12 I didn't get to, Ni No Kuni II, Horizon: Zero Dawn, Dragon Age: Inquisition.  The last two are, of course, dependent on me not finding something else in the meantime.  I am in no rush to get the FFVII remake; I'll wait for the whole thing to be available, bug free.

Otherwise, yesterday was spent doing a bit of cleaning and watching DS9.  Today, I have some outdoors stuff to do, including getting my hair cut and printing out our Cardiff Visitor Cards.

The Visitor Cards were a right pain.  I first bought one in May, not realising they were date stamped.  But, it was only £4, so I chalked it up to experience.  I tried again on Monday, thinking that, by then, they would have July/August printed on them.  I didn't want to leave it until the last minute and be in a panic (like, say, today!).  But no - it showed June/July.  OK, another one down to experience.  Want a card with August on it - buy it in August, right?  Wrong.  Tuesday and Wednesday, they still had July/July on them.  By this point, I've spent £16 on things I can't use.   Even if I do manage to buy the right one, I'm going to have to save at least £21 before I see any benefit!  It was also annoying that you couldn't see what date you were getting until AFTER you'd bought it.

So, I sent an email to the address provided and got a very nice one back from the chap who looks after these things.  He'd been on leave after organising lots of summer festivals and so on and had forgotten to update the card.  He's sent me a PDF with two cards on (so, apparently, we need one each - this wasn't clear on the site), which I am going to print off in a work building - only because I want it in colour :D  So, between us, we need to save £17 in three days, which should be do-able.

Well, that's all the stuff I have for now.  Bye DW!
 Spent a lot of time last night getting beaten up by the Gil Snapper.  I'll have to come back when I'm stronger.  The REALLY frustrating thing was that I almost defeated it.  I did get the Feather of the Flock and the Ring of the Toad, though.  Will use those when I come back to Giza in the Dry.  I am really enjoying finding out just how much I remember from previous playthroughs.  I'm going to press on with the story for now, though.  Three characters are at Level 28 and the others are at Level 27.  By the time I get back to the Stilshrine, they'll all be at least 28.

It looks as though the plan is for the new PM to sort out the website.  The poor sucker will be buried in that particular black hole for at least 18 months.  To me, that suggests that there will still be stuff for me to pick up, perhaps even some odds and ends to do with the website.  Having someone in this post will also create pressure to employ a developer, tester and BA - at least this is the plan.

After today, I'm off work until 14 August.  The usual plan of 'gaming + cleaning + DS9' will be in operation - with three days in Cardiff thrown in for good measure.  Just hope the weather's a bit brighter down there!

OK, I'm really struggling to find stuff to say so I'm going to stop.  Bye, DW!
 Last night we defeated the Earth Tyrant (took a bit of doing but we got him in the end with a Cataclysm!) and the Lord Wyvern.  Going everywhere on foot takes so long - but we need those levels up a bit further.  Tonight, we go back to Giza in the wet to clear up a couple of hunts.  If we're all at Level 28 after that, we'll give up the unequal struggle of trying to get to Level 30 and just move on to the Stilshrine.  I'm working on my Licenses (got quite a few of the +HP ones last night) and Gambits - bringing down the Lord Wyvern with a combination of Oil and Fire was quite satisfying.

I'm steering clear of the Zertinan Caverns and the Mosphoran Highwaste for now.  Although I did pick up the hunt for that snake that lives in the caverns - you have to kill everything else in the cave and then wait for a ridiculous amount of time (like 5 minutes or something) for it to appear.  Who could ever work that out on their own?!  The Cluckatrice (kill all the other enemies, leave the area, come back with Fran on her own) you can probably piece together from the clues some of the NPCs give you - but this?

And that really is all my news for the moment.

Well, other than angst over whether or not we're actually going to make it to Cardiff - but I'll either rant about that on Monday (meaning we didn't go) or gush about it on Thursday (meaning we did).

Oh, and the work thing but I have a 1-1 today where I might learn more.

Oh, and I haven't done anything on Death of an Ice Cream Seller today because my brain just WON'T.  I did, however, have a little look around Scribbles of a Rose and 70 x 700 to remind myself what actual writing looks like!

That's all for now, DW.
 Ever wondered what I sound like?  Well, you can listen to this to get an idea - although the Scouse accent sounds much stronger in recordings than in real life.

I checked the Official FF12 Guide on Friday, which recommended Level 30 for the Stilshrine, so I decided to do some hunts and side-questy stuff.  I'd already completed the first two hunts, so picked up hunts 3 - 11.  I've done all of them except getting the ring for the ghost lady in Giza (because we're still in the dry season) and the wyvern in the Nam-Yensa (which I'm en route for).  I'm going everywhere by foot (except for Bhujerba, obviously) to get those battles in!

I used Belias for the demon/ghost thing in the Henne mines and he actually did a good job.  I really want to make use of the Espers this time.  I think they have been beefed up a bit from what I've read.  And they needed to be - I found them completely useless in the original game.

License-wise, I'm focussing on the lores - battle, magic, potion, etc.  None of the armour or weapons that are available are really much better than what I have, so I'm not in a rush to learn the licenses for them.  And there are SO MANY accessories and you can only wear one at a time.  Surely they could have added an extra accessory slot when they were remastering the game?  I do remember Bubble Belt being a favourite when I played the original game.

I am still mourning the lack of Sky Pirate's Den.  I think I always will.

Oh, and I was very amused to step out of a wet and stormy Ozmone Plain into a dry and sunny Jahara Village!  Is this place under some sort of invisible, weather-proof dome?

Had a lovely day in Crosby with the grandson on Saturday.  We went to the beach, nearly got stuck in some mud (thank goodness we'd taken our shoes off!) and when to see Captain Underpants.  It was a fun film and the grandson was giggling away.  I was a bit frustrated that both of the main characters were boys.  Girls can be pranksters, too!  Not to mention comic-book creators.  Maybe I'm over-thinking.  Anyway, it felt good to support an independent cinema and to have a day in the fresh air.

Only three days in work this week, then I'm off until 14 August.  Next week we go to Cardiff!  Look out Wales...

Well, that's all for now.  Toodles, DW!
 Took the grandson to Crosby on Saturday to see Despicable Me 3 at the Plaza.  The Crosby Plaza is an independent cinema that is run as a charity, so ticks lots of boxes.  But it's tiny and when we got there they had sold out.  I had thought about booking tickets as soon as we got of the train but I didn't.  We had already been around town spending some of his money AND had an hour on the beach making sandcastles, so it wasn't a complete wash out.  I am going to check if it's still on this weekend (if it's THAT popular, I expect it will be) and book online!

Our 'my favourite bible passage' series came to an end on Sunday.  A not-very-inspiring theme that threw up loads of stuff from four very different speakers.  I love how the worship planning 'hive mind' works!  M will be at our next meeting - it's her very first meeting as Rector.  What an introduction.  And I'm actually publicising it for a change.  Go me!

In exactly two weeks it will be our 25th wedding anniversary and we'll be waking up in Cardiff.  I really want this trip to go well.  The husband is full of doom and gloom, but my eternal positivity says it won't be as bad as he fears.  However, I need to remember that some of what he predicts is very likely to come true and to be prepared!

I am greeting Sophie every morning, at the moment.  One of the on-going problems with her is that, now that we've made friends, I still feel she's a separate thing.  We need to be integrated for all this to have any point.  Trying to call on her 'when I need her' isn't integration and makes me feel I'm using her.  So, behaving like a friend, popping round to her tower to say 'good morning' feels like a way forward.  Her tower looks incredibly like Rapunzel's in 'Witcher 3: Blood and Wine' - but they are both inspired by story book illustrations, so it's probably not to be wondered at.

I'm about 19 hours into FFXII:ZA and getting lost in the Henne Mines.  There are now TWO bloody high-level dinosaurs living down there!  It was bad enough tackling one.  Thank goodness for 'fleeing'!  I didn't get to play last night as the son was doing quizzes for the husband and me on Beatles' song titles.  I was a bit irritated at the start but 'the family that plays together stays together' and all that.  AND I ended up laughing until I cried - I have no idea why but it was that kind of night.  I love my boys!

OK, time to get this day started.
 So, I've done some levelling up and killed the Urutan Eater and I think I'm finally ready to tackle King Raithwall's Tomb.  My gamer colleague has a hard back edition of the original official guide that he's brought into work, so I think I'll have a quick glance at that, just to check the recommended level.  It's a really beautiful book, and so detailed!  Apparently, there are 21 sidequests, all of which I have engaged with at some level in the past but some of which I've never finished (the fishing, for example).  But now, of course, there are trophies...  Perhaps I can learn to fish for the sake of a trophy?  It will definitely be a test of how much I care about trophies!

Otherwise, not much to talk about...


Jul. 17th, 2017 07:26 am
 I'm about 10 hours into FFXII:ZA and I'm in the middle of the Sandsea.  I've had one 'Game Over' on the Leviathan but otherwise I'm doing OK.  I did run out of potions in the Ogir-Yensa, though.  Now I know why they have so many merchants wandering around the desert!  My characters are mostly at Level 11 (Balthier, for some reason, is only 9 and Basch has charged his way to 12) but the Urutan-Yensa are all Level 12, so I'm feeling the need to do some level grinding.  I have a habit of playing either the 'girls team' or the 'boys team'.  When I ran out of potions I switched from the boys to the girls because they were at a better level - and both Penelo and Fran know Cure.  Now I've stocked up on potions, I'll go back to the boys and take them back through the Ogir-Yensa, and possibly the Westersand, too, then come back with the girls.  The idea is to get everyone to about Level 15 before we tackle Raithwall's Tomb.

I have all of my characters busily acquiring Licenses from their respective boards (Vaan: Shikari, Penelo: White Mage, Fran: Archer, Balthier: Machinist, Ashe: Foebreaker, Basch: Knight) but, at the moment, I can't give them a second board.  Don't know if I need to max out the ones I'm using, or just the Gambit and Quickening slots?  Or, if there's a particular point in the game where you get the option to choose another board? (Just looked this up - there is a 'Second Board License' you have to learn).  Also, there appear to be four Quickening slots per character but the bit of blurb still only talks about three. (You can only learn three but some of them are blocking other licenses - so be careful which of the four slots you choose!)

A good thing about the new game - both of the map urns for the Yensa were right at the start of the Sandsea - I guess some players missed them because you did have to hunt them out.

A bad thing - the Sky Pirate's Den has been replaced by ordinary trophies.  I am SERIOUSLY upset by this!

My other news is that the next actor to play Doctor Who is a woman, Jodie Wittacker.  I have concerns about this (relating to the character as a PACIFIST male role model, and not any nonsense about being able to fly the TARDIS) but I will definitely give her a chance.

OK, enough geekery - time to start my Monday!
 So, I've been watching a YouTuber known as PixiePoison90 do a Let's Play of a game I had on the PS2 called 'Pirates: the Legend of Black Kat', which I bought mainly because of the female protagonist.  It's a Western RPG, so battle is real time and you have a growing list of objectives to fulfil.  Also, the story is minimal.  Whilst I enjoyed elements of the game (the minimal story is still interesting and the graphics look pretty good even now), there were things I didn't like/were too far out of my comfort zone, the real time battles being the most obvious example.  I found some cheat codes on line and used them to upgrade to the best ship and to make myself and my ship invulnerable.  I did not indulge in the ones that dressed Kat in a bikini...  Anyway, for all these reasons, I only played the game once but it was nice to watch someone else playing it (much better than I did 10+ years ago!) and to feel a bit of nostalgia.

Then I discovered that Pixie also had a Let's Play for 'Primal' (not to be confused with 'Far Cry: Primal' or 'Primal Fear'!).  Again, a Western RPG, played before I understood the distinction or how to tackle real time battles.  This one I know I played more than once but it developed a glitch in one of the boss battles and I couldn't get past it.  I did also have a cheat code for invulnerability that I used in the final boss battle.  The story is pretty linear and the only sidequest I can remember is collecting Tarot cards but it has a lot of charm.  The relationship between the MC, Jen, and her sidekick, Scree the Gargoyle, the fact that it's a 'real' companion game where each character has their part to play, AND the fact that the MC is female.  So, imagine my delight when I found out it is available to buy on the PlayStation Store for the PS4!  If only I'd known that when I came to the end of Witcher 3.  Anyway, the plan is to buy it on pay day whilst it's still available (because I missed 'Legend of Dragoon' - ;( ) and play it when I finish FFXII:ZA.

Speaking of FFXII:ZA, I am about four hours in and rotting in Nalbina Dungeon.  So far, I've given Vaan Shikari, Penelo White Mage, Balthier Machinist, and Fran Archer.  I'm undecided about whether Ashe or Basch should get Knight, but I think it'll probably be the latter because I'll get the opportunity sooner.  I made Penelo a White Mage because she'd already learned Cure - but, of course, I hadn't bought it, so she couldn't use it. Duh!  I am just in awe of how beautiful - how even MORE beautiful - it is.  The texture on Old Dalan's rugs is ridiculous - they're the background for a (fairly) minor character but they look amazing.  It all feels a bit easier than I remember but maybe I'm just a better gamer, now!

Well, that's enough gamer-talk.  Time to check emails and then get this day underway.
 So, it's Graduation Week for the University, my favourite week of the year - work-wise at least.  Everyone is doing their best, and everyone is smiley and happy.  Lots of girls in too-short skirts and too-high heels; lots of boys in three-piece suits. And mums in fascinators and dads in ties they don't usually wear.  It's great fun.

My line-manager is on leave this week but he's told me to get in touch if I need anything as he's at home decorating.  He's still the best line-manager I've ever had.  Of course, at some point, he's going to do something that doesn't suit me but, for now, everything's good.

I've been through Death of an Ice Cream Seller and added some bits to beef up what is now the main secondary plot - the security around the exchange of the jewel.  McNeal is going to be getting in Langley's face A LOT and that is really going to wind her up.  Today, I've begun writing the history of the trading post because I need to understand the political boundaries - what are the Chancellor's areas of responsibility? what are Langley's?  Why has a human been appointed?

And I'm pretty much done with Witcher 3, at least for now.  I've spent the last few days doing some random sidequests (including finding a missing hairdresser - LOL) and exploring question marks on the maps.  It doesn't really feel like I've finished - but tomorrow is all about FFXII:ZA.  I am going to download it as soon as I get up in the morning, after my experiences with FFXV.  It probably won't take nearly as long to install but I'm out on Wednesday night, and I don't want to have to wait until Thursday to play.  Yes, I'm VERY excited.  Leave me alone.

We had a nice quiet weekend as the grandson was at some family do on his dad's side.  I did want to try to get to Despicable Me 3 next weekend but my mum and stepdad are coming down.  So, the weekend after...

OK, that's all for now.



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