Busy, busy!

Jul. 6th, 2017 07:14 am
 This week is just flying over.  But being busy is ALWAYS good.  Next week is graduation week, so that'll be tiring, too, but in a happy way.  I love graduation so much.  It's one thing the University does really well.  People who have experienced it at other universities go on and on about how ours is the best.

The son is in hot water again, at work.  He's just never learned to pick his battles.  He always goes up against the equivalent of a granite mountain and there's only ever going to be one winner in THAT contest!  One day, hopefully, he'll learn...

The grandson enjoyed his 'taster' day at his new school and has already made some friends.  Although if the daughter's experience is anything to go by, he'll have nothing to do with them when he actually starts!  But at least there will be some familiar faces around the place, which is the point of the exercise.

The daughter has a temporary crown on her broken tooth - she goes back to the dentist tomorrow to get it sorted properly.

And that's me!
 Finally got to start Hearts of Stone last night. Didn't get very far, partly because I hadn't downloaded it and I watched a 45 minute long thing whilst it did that, but it's looking interesting so far. And HARD. I'm at level 35 on a quest that recommends level 30 AND I've got the difficulty setting at 'story only', and I still struggled with the battles.

I was coming to the end of the first big battle - giant poison-spitting toad - when the husband came in asking for a leg rub. 'Don't rush,' he said. After the toad, there was a long cut scene and then I was right into another battle with some soldiers and a mage, and during all of this I couldn't save. By the time I'd dispatched the soldiers and had a chance to meditate and re-don my armour, then save, the poor man was asleep. I shall have to make it up to him this morning.

Well, the last three days at work have been very busy - but we know that busy is good. One of the things I was doing was preparing some slides for my boss for her to present at the cascade meeting in June. I've done three VERY basic slides that I don't think are what she wants but are what she asked for. I'm really getting the hang of being an IT professional! I shall have a word with her later.

Looking forward to a quieter couple of days.



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