Jun. 16th, 2017

 This week has been the second longest of my life.  The longest ever was one I spent selling advertising space in a diary for the fire brigade.  I managed to sell ONE space, to a cucumber grower in the south of England who I think was Italian.  To this day, I'm not sure he knew what he'd bought :D

Anyway, this week has felt like it was about a month long.  I don't know why - it wasn't particularly busy OR quiet, I'm not ill, I'm not stressed about anything...  It's just taken a ridiculous amount of effort to get from Monday to Friday.  But it is Friday, and I'm on leave ALL of next week.  I am going to slam into Blood and Wine and ignore things like housework and writing.

The fire that happened in London the other day is consuming a lot of news time and a lot of my thoughts.  It seems that the total destruction of the building was preventable, but safety laws either aren't strong enough or have been misapplied.  There were hundreds of people in the building.  So far, 17 people have been identified as having died but that number can only rise.  The fire brigade say they hope the number won't reach three figures; it seems a vain hope at this point.



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