May. 6th, 2017

 So, a lot of my week-day habits (like 4 minutes of Chi Qong as soon as I get out of bed) go by the wayside at the weekend. But I am rather proud of myself for keeping up the writing habit this morning. It has also provided some food for thought on how best to utilise Harris, a sketchy character at best in the original draft. In fact, I'm not even sure she makes an appearance!

I didn't get to FFXV last night (family games followed by TV game shows), so Chapter 13 will have to wait until tomorrow. But depending on how much I get done today (hang out washing, hoover house, clean bathroom) I might get both playthroughs done.

And there's the fourth episode of Doctor Who tonight *squeals with excitement* Can't believe we're up to the fourth episode already!

One of the downsides to writing in here every (or almost every) day is that I don't have much to record. But if I leave it too long, I forget everything. Oh, the perils of middle-age.

Well, time to get this day properly started. Toodles, DW.



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