May. 4th, 2017

I have brought some logic and organisation to my writing time - go me!

I'm using the daily flash fiction prompts from to write little background vignettes for each of my characters. That in turn may lead to some tweaking of their character sheet (Bloorth has just benefitted from that, not least because she's changed gender!), and may require some changes to the plot sheet. However, I don't think the plot sheet actually reflects the final novel, so I'm going to leave that for now and concentrate on the character stuff. When I've gone through them all, I'll then read the novel and update the plot sheet.

The purpose of the vignettes exercise is to get to know my characters a little better, especially people like Mathariaan who don't get much page time - at least at the moment. I do have an idea for how she might be drawn more into the story - or at least how the Servants of the Goddess might be.

Another benefit is that I'm spending a full hour being 'creative' rather than reading emails or playing on fb. And also leaves some time for DW! This can ONLY be a Good Thing.

OK, that's all for now. Time to really get this day started!



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