I managed to make some progress with Hearts of Stone, yesterday. One adventure saw Geralt possessed by a debauched ghost who had some really great lines. He made me :D

I realise that I haven't noted the fact that we are now homeowners. We have completed the purchase of our house - now we just need to pay it off! Still, that will take 17 years and cost less than paying rent forever and a day. Our lender sent us a 'welcome to your new home' hamper (even though we haven't moved!) containing tea, coffee, biscuits - and toilet roll! You can imagine it being very welcome to people who know that the coffee and loo roll are SOMEWHERE in all those boxes... For us, it was just amusing.

I am going to finally sort out the insurance (life and home) tomorrow. And then we begin the brave new world.

St Michael's were on good form, yesterday. A good sized congregation, some good-enough singing (hate unfamiliar hymns), and some candle lighting to keep them on their toes. As a good Protestant girl, I always had a slight sense of horror at the idea of lighting candles but when it was introduced at St Bride's I fell in love. It's such a simple thing but powerful. Giving people the chance to participate, even if it's in silence, is just brilliant.

OK, that's all for now. Toodles, DW.



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