I'm wandering around Toussaint doing bits and pieces - just killing time until NEXT TUESDAY!!!  I did the Fists of Fury in Beauclaire quest and won - eventually.  One fight wasn't really a fight - I had to block my opponent.  Luckily, he telegraphed when he was going to hit so I had plenty of time to block.  One fight took three or four goes to win (even though I am REALLY over-levelled) and the outcome was... interesting.  The final fight (for the title) I had to do drunk - well, Geralt was drunk - but it wasn't that hard.

I've completed 7/15 sections of the 'Knight for Hire' quest.  I'm leaving the Hanses for the time being and doing the smaller bits - although they are pretty challenging.  If I wasn't SO over-levelled, I wouldn't stand a chance.  Also, I am on EASY mode!  In one fight I had about 5 bandits jump on me at once and my health bar was going down at an alarming rate - I tried to gulp some Swallow but Geralt wouldn't respond.  Somehow I got through the fight - plus one with a lone bandit who just wouldn't leave me alone - even though it looked as though I had no health at all.  Don't know if that - plus the not drinking potions - was a glitch with the game or a problem with my controller.  It's only just over a year old - it shouldn't be worn out yet, surely?  Anyway, I got through it.  The good thing about this quest is that I can pop back to my friendly blacksmith and repair my gear, then nip home for a nap to replenish my potions and health.  And because I have the Royal bed, I get one extra of every potion and bomb.

Our new office is beautiful.  It's clean, there's light, lots of natural light (and even the artificial light isn't harsh), we're all sitting together so team conversations are easier - I am happy!  My chair somehow didn't make it.  There were some instructions about chairs but I thought you only put a sticker on if you had a 'special' one - otherwise, they would move all the chairs and just distribute them, so everyone would get A chair, just not necessarily the one they started with.  Apparently you were supposed to put a sticker on your chair.  So, I have a really random, grotty thing, with a yellow sticker, which I thought meant it wouldn't be moved at all!  It seems they've left some of the good chairs because they didn't have a specific 'location' sticker, but did bring grotty ones!  Anyway, I've been told I can order a new one when things settle down, so I shall do that.

I managed to mix my phone number up with someone else's, so he now has MY voicemail message on his 'phone.  He is also on leave for two weeks, so there are going to be some VERY confused people leaving voice messages!  I'm sure he'll be able to sort it all out when he gets back.

My line manager and I went for a little wander and had a play with the rather funky ice cube trays in the freezer.  I need to check on them, today.  The kitchen isn't as big as I expected, but it'll do.  There was a suggestion - which I thought was an instruction - that hot food should be eaten in the kitchen not at desks.  I had beef stew, yesterday, which I wouldn't have been comfortable carrying through the office, anyway.  My desk is a LONG way from the kitchen!  So, I think I will eat hot food in there.  It's a chance to be sociable, anyway!

That's all for now, DW!



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