May. 17th, 2017

 Had a proper night's sleep last night - hooray! I don't often have trouble sleeping but when I do it makes me Grumpy Rosa. I did manage to function pretty well yesterday, given that I started the day at 9am with a meeting full of high-powered types talking endlessly about nothing.

I also snagged ANOTHER meeting's worth of biscuits, so I had quite a haul to take back to the office. I have decided that the re-selling of biscuits is reaching scandalous proportions and make a point of removing any that are left over at the end of meetings. Even if it wasn't my meeting! The same thing is actually happening with tea bags and sugar sachets but biscuits are easier to deal with.

Didn't get to Hearts of Stone last night, so that will have to be tonight's job.

Chased the solicitor on the house - they're waiting for confirmation from LMH. Surprised? No, me neither.

Watched an interesting programme about a woman following the old Salt Roads from Tangiers to Timbuktu. I think it's a two-parter but it could have been longer. She barely had time to introduce each of the places she visited before she was off again. Given the cost of sending her to North Africa in the first place, you'd think they'd want to get as much programme out of it as possible.

Then I watched the second episode of Elizabeth I with Lily Cole as the queen. All seems a bit doom and gloom. Good things did happen during her reign! But they're focussing on how she was always walking a political tightrope, which is true enough. In fact, it's amazing that she lived as long as she did and didn't die of a stress-induced heart attack!

I enjoyed the latest episode of Doctor Who on Saturday but I've just read a critique that's made me wonder. The new companion is black and, unlike with Martha, the show is recognising that. But she was accused of racism by a blue alien and the critique said this revealed the smugness of the white writer. I saw it as we all run into things that will take us aback and have prejudices that we aren't even aware of until they smack us in the face. I mean, how is a human supposed to react to a blue alien when she has never even suspected they exist before? Her reaction was one of surprise and curiosity, not racism - as I saw it. But maybe it's my white privilege showing.

Anyway, another busy day ahead. Bye for now, DW.



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