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 So, as I've mentioned before, Witcher 3: Blood and Wine is HARD.  Even on the 'Story Only' (aka - stupidly easy) difficulty level, it is HARD.  Now, there is a reason I've picked the 'Story Only' level - it's because I'm interested in progressing the story, not because I want challenging combat.  if I wanted challenging combat, I would have picked a different difficulty level.  This game doesn't seem to understand this concept.  It took me 4 goes to kill the Big Bad Wolf (who was a boss), and I got killed by a couple of low level vampires in a 'normal' fight.  Boss battles should be tougher than normal ones, I grant you - but FOUR attempts?!

And now I'm up against the Big Bad, who changes form part way through the fight.  Oh, yes - the dreaded boss-that-changes-form type battle.  And this isn't the end of the game, so it's unlikely to be the last time I meet him.  I gave up when I died the first time.  That is not a battle to tackle when you're tired.

But all these tough fights are REALLY taking away the fun element from the game.  Added to which is the fact that I can't go back to my villa and apply my buffs at the moment.  And I'm reliant on my weapon and armour repair kits because I can't even visit a bloody blacksmith!  it's a good thing I stocked up on those.  I am really enjoying the game but I'm not having fun at the moment!

Today, I'm going to give my friend a ring and see if she's up for some company this afternoon.  And I'm meeting someone else for coffee this morning.  So, at some point, I will be taking on the Big Bad again - just need to remember my Vampire Oil!



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