So, I woke up at the usual time, despite going to bed a little later than usual, but I have done some meditation and read through a chapter of DOAIS - so that has been a good use of my time.

I'm beginning to think about my talk for 2 July on 'my favourite Bible passage'.  One of the problems I have, and I'm going to say it, is that I get really annoyed by people taking verses out of context.  To my mind, the Bible has to be seen as a whole - you can't just take the bits you like or that 'prove' your pet theory. Of course, trying to read and understand the whole thing is more than a little daunting, which is why I hardly ever open the thing at all!  But my favourite passage is one of those that feels like a summary of the whole.  I want to try to get four people to read it - a line each.

I think I'll do a Lectio Divina with that passage sometime this week.  That would be another good use of time.

Today, my plans are to wash the bedding, cut the grass, pop into town, and play some more Blood & Wine.  I've looked at the main quest and it looks as though I'm about half way through - finishing it this week seems VERY possible.  I will definitely do some sidequesting.  Or maybe do some 'work' towards 100% on FFX-2...  It certainly isn't worth starting anything new, although my gaming colleague has offered to lend me KH3 - but the idea of fighting with Disney characters has never appealed to me...

Oh, but I do know what I want for Christmas - Ni No Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom.  I love NNK:WOTWW sooo much.  I had a conversation with J about waiting for the price to come down, and in general that's what I do.  DAI, for example, is ridiculously cheap, now, but I don't have the time, or enough inclination, to get it.  I am certainly taking that approach with Horizon: Zero Dawn - it looks like a great game but not enough to make me want it NOW.  I do want it - but not enough to pay £50 (although I did spot it for £30 the other day, so the process has started - but £30 still sounds like a LOT of money).  The new AC game is set in Ancient Egypt, which sets all sorts of reactions off for me - but I'm not even going to consider that at full price.

But there are some games - FFXV (even though it is slightly disappointing - but it was so long since I'd had a new FF game!), FFXII:ZA (*bounces around excitedly*), and NNK2:RK that I know will be worth the outlay, because I'll get my money's worth and then some!

OK, time for a bit of fb nonsense, then I need to get this day started.



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