Work has just been manic this week.  However, I do feel I finally have a grip on the monster project portfolio spreadsheet.  I also know that I have to find a better way of managing it.  Logic says 'database' but whenever I go near Access I lose the will to live and think 'but SharePoint is a database and is easier to use'.  But presenting project timelines in SharePoint isn't as visually appealing as Excel.  No idea what it would look like as a report in Access - I've never got that far.  I have found a really nice on-line tool called Teamwork but that costs money.  I have looked at other on-line tools but none of them work as well for what I want.

And so I go around the loop again.  And I keep telling myself, I work in a department full of IT professionals - surely SOMEONE can help?  But I also know they're all super busy and building me a tool for managing the project portfolio isn't going to be anyone's priority except mine.  But it would make my life sooo much easier...

Anyway, my line manager and I met with one of the other managers to talk about resourcing and recognised the fact that you really need to wipe out August and September in terms of getting anything done; August because people are on leave and September because they're catching up with themselves after being on leave - and with other people who've been on leave.

I helped out with the scoring of applications for the new PM post - just 'person spec says we want A - do they have A'.  What a collection!  We had over 50 applications, which is almost unheard of.  No idea how we managed that because we've been struggling to recruit for any post recently.  Anyway, the shortlisters got the list down to 11, which will have to come down a bit further but they're leaving that to the boss.  One candidate looked absolutely terrifying to me, at least on paper - I'm not often intimidated but that person definitely intimidated me; talk about a high flyer!

On a lighter note, the husband's poncho is done and I've made a start on my lacy scarf.  It's too early to tell how it's going to look, though.

And I've arrived in Ariel's world in KH.  The Riku/Maleficent thing is giving me flashbacks to FF8, although I think it's better thought through.  But after all, what part of FF8 WAS thought through?

I only have one disc left of DS9.  Not sure how many episodes are left, but they have got so many story threads to tie off.  I'm not sure I like the whole Prophets v Pah Wraiths thing.  And I really don't like the Federation withholding the cure - feels like the creators of the series are struggling to like the organisation they've helped create.  But Julian has finally found love, so that's something!

Well, I need to get up and get this day started.  Bye for now, DW!

A week?

Sep. 9th, 2017 07:25 am
 So, my new morning routine leaves very little in the way of time for updating journals.  I'm getting in 20 minutes of meditation/contemplative prayer and 15 minutes of writing practice - as well as the essentials of washing, dressing, eating and spending time with the husband.  So far, I'm not sure I'm getting much from it.  The idea of the contemplative prayer is to bring you more in touch with God - but I feel I'm in constant contact already.  Also, meditation is supposed to calm the mind and, amongst other things, help with concentration - neither of which are really a problem for me.

I know - lucky me!  I know this stuff is a struggle for other people but it isn't for me.  I think devoting more time to writing, especially as I have Ideas for DOAICS, may be more productive.  I can practice my concentration by not getting distracted by the internet!  I do want to keep going with the Writing Practice exercises, though.  Doing the Lectio Divina in the evenings is also proving interesting.

I haven't played any KH for a couple of nights.  Watched telly (Who do you think you are and DS9) on Thursday and sat up with the husband going down memory lane last night.  The plan is to get out of the jungle at some point today, though.

I've also picked up knitting again.  I've found a gorgeous pattern for a lacy scarf that I want to make for my mother's birthday - but it's a bit involved in places, so I'm going to make myself one to practice!  And I'm making the husband a kind of poncho/cape type thing to keep his shoulders warm and, hopefully, help with the arthritis.  I find knitting very relaxing.

In work news, it was a long and busy week but productive.  There's a thing that I've been acting as PM on for over a year that usually feels like herding cats whilst wading through treacle - but this week (Thursday afternoon in particular) suddenly leapt forward.  Of course, it's all on hold for the next 4-6 weeks because the people who are going to do the training aspect, AND the people who are going to be trained, are all heading for their busiest time of the year - but progress has definitely been made.  It is a very nice feeling.

The grandson started his new school on Wednesday.  The daughter posted a picture of him looking suitably small in his slightly too large uniform.  Bless.  We shall get all the goss when they arrive in a couple of hours.

OK, I'm going to watch a bit of Persona 1, then get this day underway.
 Made some progress with B&W last night. I'm TERRIBLE at the time trial - can't even stay on the bloody track! Still, the important thing is helping Vivienne - and I did get a nifty new crossbow.

I've been compiling a wish list for the remake of FF8 - if it ever materialises.

Things to keep
- story (I know there are HUGE plot holes in it but that's part of its charm)
- drawing and junctioning systems

Things to lose
- random battles, although I think they'd go anyway
- other than that, I can't think of anything I'd ditch

Things to add
- proper camping, like FFXV
- drawing from environment, like FFXV
- clothes for different weather conditions - surely we can do this, now?!
- a specialism for each character, eg, Irvine - fishing; Squall - cooking

Hopefully Square Enix will pick up on this!

I've begun working my way through DOAICS, chapter-by-chapter, to update my plot matrix. Some of my initial planning is sooo far out! When I've captured the 'as is', I'll work out what I want to add/lose for the rewrite. Feels like progress is being made!

Also making a little progress at work. I really hate days when I have to find stuff to do, but the new project application process still needs work, so there's that.

And that's all for now. Toodles, DW!

 I'm currently writing the character sheets I didn't bother with when I was prepping for DOAIS but which I have felt the need for since doing the flash pieces. It's amazing what you learn about characters!

Work is ticking along. Looking forward to the CRM meeting today - they're usually interesting, and I feel a sense of 'YAY!!!' whenever we shuffle half a step further along with some element. It has to be said that there is quite often an accompanying sense of 'NOO-OO-OO!!!' when someone tries to introduce something new to the mix.

Our room at the Angel, Cardiff is booked. Had a minor panic when I realised I'd booked the train tickets BEFORE securing the room - and without being sure I could change them. But it's all fine. I also bought a Visitor Card that gives you discounts on all sorts of goodies around Cardiff - then realised it's only valid for a month. So, I'll have to buy another one nearer the time - doh!

OK, time to get this day started properly. Toodles.



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