A relaxed weekend, although Saturday was one of those days where lots of little things get done. This included four loads of washing, washed, pegged on the line, dried and put away (love the sun when it comes to washing) and a pan of celery soup (that would have benefitted from more celery and less garlic but was still very nice).

I haven't written much about this series of Doctor Who because I'm really not sure what I'm making of it and haven't been able to talk to my Doctor-loving colleague to sort my thoughts out. What I do know: Capaldi's Doctor is the BEST; Bill is AMAZING (I sooo want her to stay); Lucas' Nardole has been a revelation; Missy is one of the greatest villains ever because you can't help but like her; this is THE most terrifying series I can remember (although Eccleston's stint has some stand-out moments). What I don't know: I'm left feeling slightly disgruntled at the end of each episode but I can't put my finger on what the problem is - the writing, the acting, the effects, they're all top notch but something just isn't working. Maybe the knowledge that this is Capaldi's last series is just throwing a bit of a cloud over everything.

I made some progress in W3:HoS, yesterday. J was right - hitting the painting was the way to go. I'm now in a part of the game that is basically a maze that I have to negotiate within a certain amount of time. I did manage to (somehow) make my way through most of it (on the second attempt) but then I died with absolutely no idea what route I'd taken to get there. So, I looked up a walkthrough and made notes of the route. I make no apology for this. Getting lost in a maze against the clock is not my idea of FUN. From the titles of the other videos that popped up, it looks like I'm heading for the 'good' ending.

And it looks as though we might have made a decision about where to go for our anniversary - Cardiff. Which, amongst other attractions, hosts the Doctor Who Exhibition!

Well, today I'm planning to pick up a couple of pairs of shoes, make progress in W3:HoS (and possibly finish it), give the kitchen a proper clean and hoover the carpets upstairs. I might even throw the mop over the living room floor. And I have some ST:DS9 and old Doctor Who to watch, if things get really slow.

Bye for now, DW.



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