I've discovered that I know three people who know people who know the family of one of the girls killed on Monday. Three people from completely different parts of my life who all know this one family. We are all connected, all much closer than we realise to each other. But what do we do? We try to cut ourselves off, hide in our own little bubbles, deliberately ignore the humanity in each other. That is NOT the way to make the world a better place.

I haven't actually seen soldiers on the streets but one of the girls in the hairdressers yesterday said she'd seen then marching past. I can't express how uncomfortable it makes me feel, knowing that this is the reaction of the Prime Minister of my country to this situation. How is hyping up the public's fear level going to stabilise the situation?! But, of course, it all plays into her hands. Raise the fear level by appearing to address people's fears. It's moronic but I haven't seen much in the way of protest, other than my own fb rants. God help us. What world are we going to wake up to on 9 June?

One of my colleagues said he was feeling more upbeat about the result of the election, expecting a hung parliament, until the bombing. Now he's back to expecting it to be a Tory landslide. I said that there was still quite a lot of time before the election but it occurs to me that this is precisely what all this manufactured paranoia is about. Keep it in the public consciousness as long as possible.

I've said it before and I'm sure I'll say it again many times as long as she is Prime Minister but Theresa May terrifies me. The way she waltzed into Number 10 without even having to face an election in her own party! The U-turn on Brexit without even batting an eyelid. The lack of responsibility for the hacking of the NHS, which was a result of her actions as Home Secretary. A manifesto stuffed with policies that will hurt the most vulnerable in our society - I mean, they've actually printed this stuff, this horror show and they're still ahead in the polls! And now this; armed police and soldiers to 'keep our streets safe'.

God help us all.



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