Meeting with line manager went well yesterday.  He's asked me to take the UoL JD and benchmark myself against it, which I think is the step we missed out last year.  I think our boss' boss (and possibly my line manager at the time and our boss) got the impression I wanted a new post created just for me and was suggesting the JD as a blueprint, when all I wanted was to use it as a benchmark.  At least in the first instance.  Because if it does show that I am doing that job, it then does become a blueprint, doesn't it?

And if the benchmarking exercise reveals that, actually, I'm not working at that level, well I can draw a line under the whole thing.  On reflection, I could have done the exercise myself a year ago.  But this is why I have a line manager, to help me identify the next steps.

We got an email yesterday about the Aurora Scheme, which seeks to support women in training for leadership roles.  But you have to map out your planned career path as part of the application, showing how you want to reach a senior management position within 10 years.  Who knows their future career path in that detail?!  And what if something comes up that screws up the plan?  Still, it demonstrates ambition, I suppose.  But it also equates leadership with management and I don't think they're necessarily the same thing.  I do want to take a closer look at the information, though.  With a supportive line manager, I have a real opportunity to progress.
 So, the cast list for DOAICS is pretty long, even though the story only focusses on a few of them. But that's going to change now that Brad has such a pivotal role in the revised version. And Susaal seems to want in on the action - just not sure how to manage him. Hmmm... need to think about that.

Anyway, using the flash fiction prompts is really interesting. They are totally random (today's was 'write a story including the words window, whistle, pin') but the selection of the character isn't - it's just whoever is next in the list. Of course, the list was compiled rather randomly in the first place - it was just whichever character I thought of, rather than their importance to the plot! So, Susaal and his father appear before Brad, even though Brad was arguably more important to the story (certainly as far as Langley's state of mind went) even in the original version. But, Brad is now going to have a much more prominent role.

But I am finding out some interesting stuff about them. With flash fiction pieces, I don't usually have much of an idea of where the story is going. I pick a character, a location, and a bit of a scenario - and see where it goes. So far, they have all turned out pretty coherent and, as I say, interesting.

The plan is: finish the flash fiction pieces for each character; rewrite the plot sheet; insert the new words; smooth it all out; do a plot edit (does this REALLY make sense?); do an edit per character (or, at least, for each major character); possibly do a tech edit; do a final smoothing out edit. This is going to take a while!

Work-wise, I'm actually getting into this quality stuff. It is definitely 'what we do' but we aren't explicit about it. At the very least, tracking it for myself will a) give me something to do and b) boost my skill set.

It's Quantico on the telly tonight, so finishing FFXV will probably happen tomorrow. Then it's W3 DLCs, here I come!
 At the end of each little flash fiction I'm adding a line describing what I've learned about that character that I didn't know before. Which is the point of the exercise. It's really interesting what shakes loose. And it's really interesting to see what my initial thoughts about them were when I was writing the character sheet and that have proved to be completely wrong. Yeah - people. Strange creatures - I struggle with all of them, even the ones that only exist in my head.

I've added an extra line against each character on the plot sheet. We now have 'Main Plot' and 'Personal Journey'. I love being able to do so much work to a story without actually getting into the manuscript. Of course, at some point I am going to have to do that... But that's quite a ways off.

Tonight, I plan to tackle Noct's playthrough of Chapter 13. I probably won't get to Gladio and Iggy until Sunday, but that's OK.

And tomorrow there's The Doctor to look forward to. Can't believe we're up to Episode 4 already!

Well, time to get today started.

And at some point I will find a userpic...
I have brought some logic and organisation to my writing time - go me!

I'm using the daily flash fiction prompts from to write little background vignettes for each of my characters. That in turn may lead to some tweaking of their character sheet (Bloorth has just benefitted from that, not least because she's changed gender!), and may require some changes to the plot sheet. However, I don't think the plot sheet actually reflects the final novel, so I'm going to leave that for now and concentrate on the character stuff. When I've gone through them all, I'll then read the novel and update the plot sheet.

The purpose of the vignettes exercise is to get to know my characters a little better, especially people like Mathariaan who don't get much page time - at least at the moment. I do have an idea for how she might be drawn more into the story - or at least how the Servants of the Goddess might be.

Another benefit is that I'm spending a full hour being 'creative' rather than reading emails or playing on fb. And also leaves some time for DW! This can ONLY be a Good Thing.

OK, that's all for now. Time to really get this day started!



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