I've been watching the Britain's Got Talent semi-finals this week, so no W3:B&W, other than what I played on Monday. But it is time spent with husband, so that is a Good Thing.

We're both getting excited about our trip to Cardiff in August. I really need some 'nice' nightwear... Yes, I said 'need' and I meant it! I also need some nice maxi-dresses so that I can stay cool and comfortable.

It's raining today, which means digging out a pair of boots. WTF? It's JUNE!!!

And yes, work is slow - lots of people are off due to the school half-term. And even when I tried to make progress on a thing yesterday, I couldn't because other people need to do something first. Le sigh.

The latest practice (how did we get to #7 already?!) in Leo Babauta's 44 days challenge is 'Loving Kindness'. You begin by wishing yourself happiness, peace and freedom from trouble, then someone you love in an uncomplicated way, then someone you feel neutral about, then someone you REALLY don't like, then your group (family, country, something in between), then all living things. I'm finding it a helpful way to meditate because I'm thinking of something rather than trying to keep my mind empty. And doing it first thing in the morning before I do anything else means it gets done!

The new character sheets also continue apace. I think I only have two more to do, then I can get on with the plot!

I have spent the morning so far sneezing and blowing my nose. Hope I'm not coming down with something...

Planning to swing by the doctor's this morning and book a smear appointment. Yay...

Well, that's all for now. Time to get this day started!



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