So, if you're reading this and you haven't played FFXV, or haven't got to Chapter 13 of that game, STOP NOW.

The whole purpose of my current playthrough of FFXV was to review the changes to Chapter 13 - the chapter of DOOM. I have only got a tiny way in, playing as Noctis on Normal, rather than Gladiolus and Ignis on Easy, but I think I've spotted a change. There is a radio in the first dorm, which I don't remember being there before. It gives an update on the situation in the Imperial capital. I can also swap to playing as the boys at any dorm.

I've got a save file just before we set off to find Shiva. When I've completed the chapter as Noct, I will go back to that save (even though it means driving the damned car again *shudders in horror*) and play as the boys. Or I might keep this save file (in the first dorm) and swap to the boys from here. Yes - I'll do that and see where the alternate route starts; if it starts with them by the train, I'll go on from there - if it starts with them somewhere else, I'll go back to the other save.

One advantage of doing a replay is spotting all the foreshadowing that I missed last time. There's a sequence on the train where Noct is confronting Ardyn - but Ardyn's dialogue sounds like he's trying to imitate Prompto. It struck me that this is actually Ardyn already messing with Noct's head BEFORE he tricks him into pushing Prompto off the train. On the original playthrough, I thought he was just trying to 'be down with the kids'!

No gaming for the next two nights - meeting tonight and Quantico tomorrow. We shall pick up chapter 13 again on Friday!



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