I managed to make some progress with Hearts of Stone, yesterday. One adventure saw Geralt possessed by a debauched ghost who had some really great lines. He made me :D

I realise that I haven't noted the fact that we are now homeowners. We have completed the purchase of our house - now we just need to pay it off! Still, that will take 17 years and cost less than paying rent forever and a day. Our lender sent us a 'welcome to your new home' hamper (even though we haven't moved!) containing tea, coffee, biscuits - and toilet roll! You can imagine it being very welcome to people who know that the coffee and loo roll are SOMEWHERE in all those boxes... For us, it was just amusing.

I am going to finally sort out the insurance (life and home) tomorrow. And then we begin the brave new world.

St Michael's were on good form, yesterday. A good sized congregation, some good-enough singing (hate unfamiliar hymns), and some candle lighting to keep them on their toes. As a good Protestant girl, I always had a slight sense of horror at the idea of lighting candles but when it was introduced at St Bride's I fell in love. It's such a simple thing but powerful. Giving people the chance to participate, even if it's in silence, is just brilliant.

OK, that's all for now. Toodles, DW.
 Had a proper night's sleep last night - hooray! I don't often have trouble sleeping but when I do it makes me Grumpy Rosa. I did manage to function pretty well yesterday, given that I started the day at 9am with a meeting full of high-powered types talking endlessly about nothing.

I also snagged ANOTHER meeting's worth of biscuits, so I had quite a haul to take back to the office. I have decided that the re-selling of biscuits is reaching scandalous proportions and make a point of removing any that are left over at the end of meetings. Even if it wasn't my meeting! The same thing is actually happening with tea bags and sugar sachets but biscuits are easier to deal with.

Didn't get to Hearts of Stone last night, so that will have to be tonight's job.

Chased the solicitor on the house - they're waiting for confirmation from LMH. Surprised? No, me neither.

Watched an interesting programme about a woman following the old Salt Roads from Tangiers to Timbuktu. I think it's a two-parter but it could have been longer. She barely had time to introduce each of the places she visited before she was off again. Given the cost of sending her to North Africa in the first place, you'd think they'd want to get as much programme out of it as possible.

Then I watched the second episode of Elizabeth I with Lily Cole as the queen. All seems a bit doom and gloom. Good things did happen during her reign! But they're focussing on how she was always walking a political tightrope, which is true enough. In fact, it's amazing that she lived as long as she did and didn't die of a stress-induced heart attack!

I enjoyed the latest episode of Doctor Who on Saturday but I've just read a critique that's made me wonder. The new companion is black and, unlike with Martha, the show is recognising that. But she was accused of racism by a blue alien and the critique said this revealed the smugness of the white writer. I saw it as we all run into things that will take us aback and have prejudices that we aren't even aware of until they smack us in the face. I mean, how is a human supposed to react to a blue alien when she has never even suspected they exist before? Her reaction was one of surprise and curiosity, not racism - as I saw it. But maybe it's my white privilege showing.

Anyway, another busy day ahead. Bye for now, DW.
 It's been a REALLY long week! Is it really less than a week since my birthday?

I didn't get to FFXV last night, so it'll probably be tomorrow, now. *sigh* I really need to stop watching television - but 'Have I Got News For You?' is a) hilarious and b) the best political commentary around. And a chance to spend time with the family.

Yesterday was supposedly the completion date for the house. We had an email from the lender last week saying they would transfer the funds on that date but I didn't hear from them or the solicitor yesterday. I presume that means they handled everything between them and didn't need us - but SOME communication would have been helpful. I'm expecting a letter or email today or Monday. If we don't hear by Monday, I'll get in touch with the solicitor. This process has taken nigh on a year, mostly due to delays from LMH. Part of me still isn't sure it's the best idea. I mean, I am a HUGE fan of social housing (not to mention someone else being responsible for things like leaky roofs!). But we aren't going to move out any time soon (if ever), so it's not going to be available for another family, and this way, the landlord get funding to build new housing. Plus, we'll pay the mortgage off in 17 years and then we'll be done. And, to be fair, we've hardly ever had any problems with the house in the 28 years we've been here.

I bought a very pretty top on ebay the other day, which I'm hoping will turn up today. But I forgot to check in on a skirt and trouser suit I was watching, before I went to sleep - so that's gone. I really could do with a 'new' brown suit.

After a couple of quietish weeks at work, next week looks manic. Expect much wailing and gnashing of teeth in this journal!

Well, time for emails and then to get dressed and get this day underway. Doctor Who tonight!
 Last night, I FINALLY got to play the Gladio/Iggy version of Ch13. It was... interesting. They took a different route through the Keep and it filled in some of the gaps in the story. I'm not sure what I was expecting, really. Anyway, I'm now at the beginning of Ch14 and expect to finish the game on my next session - which will probably be Friday.

As well as my own realisation of what's going on on the train, I watched a YouTube video yesterday that tied it all in with the rescue of Prompto. So THAT's why he asks those questions! Of course!!!

I've said it before (and I'll probably say it again!) but this game really does have the best plot of any FF game ever, but it's probably the most poorly executed. But doing this 'story only' playthrough has helped so much with making everything make sense.

We had a lovely meal on Monday night. It's just nice to be the two of us now and then.

I'm having another week of having to look for stuff to do, this week. Everyone else seems REALLY busy and I worry that I'm not doing something I should be doing - but I'm really not. I spent some time yesterday looking at some of the JDs for jobs I've applied for in the past to give me some ideas for expanding my role. I'm not interested in redrafting my own JD until I'm in a position to go for a promotion, but I need to be able to demonstrate how I am working above my grade. I have time.

The only other news is that the house sale should be completed on Friday. It's taken nearly a year but we're nearly there...



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