I'm at the Phon Coast!!!  I love the Phon Coast.  I let my characters go for a paddle in the crystal clear water and their feet looked all wobbly through the ever-moving water.  When they walked, they created ripples in the water.  Did that always happen?  I don't remember it from the original game and I'm sure it would have been something I would have squeed over (I have never used the word 'squee' EVER but that is the only word to describe how I felt about this phenomena) and something I would have been looking forward to seeing again.  Anyway, I'm going to hang around there for a bit and do some levelling.  Everyone is at Level 32 but some of the enemies are 38 (although when we gang up on them, they soon fall) and the enemies in the Tchita Uplands are going to be stronger.  I might look at some of the lower level hunts on my list, too...

Oh, and I got the Gil Snapper!  After doing All The Things at the Stilshrine and Bur-Omisace, I went back to Giza and it was still Wet.  By this time, my party were all Level 30 and took him down.  It still wasn't easy and I did swap one of my original party out for Basch (so that we could do another round of Quickenings) but we got him.  We weren't helped by the interference of a Silicon Tortoise *sigh*

Anyway, I am still loving this game sooo much.  It really is the best FF game, IMO.  FFVIII remains my favourite and I am tempted to buy it for the PS3.  I have even considered picking up a second hand PSP or Vita so that I can play it on the move.  I'm just worried about the screen size.  But, I really, really, REALLY want Square Enix to do a remake.  I'm not hurting for games at the moment.  The plan is - finish FFXII:ZA, play Primal, maybe mop up some bits of FF12 I didn't get to, Ni No Kuni II, Horizon: Zero Dawn, Dragon Age: Inquisition.  The last two are, of course, dependent on me not finding something else in the meantime.  I am in no rush to get the FFVII remake; I'll wait for the whole thing to be available, bug free.

Otherwise, yesterday was spent doing a bit of cleaning and watching DS9.  Today, I have some outdoors stuff to do, including getting my hair cut and printing out our Cardiff Visitor Cards.

The Visitor Cards were a right pain.  I first bought one in May, not realising they were date stamped.  But, it was only £4, so I chalked it up to experience.  I tried again on Monday, thinking that, by then, they would have July/August printed on them.  I didn't want to leave it until the last minute and be in a panic (like, say, today!).  But no - it showed June/July.  OK, another one down to experience.  Want a card with August on it - buy it in August, right?  Wrong.  Tuesday and Wednesday, they still had July/July on them.  By this point, I've spent £16 on things I can't use.   Even if I do manage to buy the right one, I'm going to have to save at least £21 before I see any benefit!  It was also annoying that you couldn't see what date you were getting until AFTER you'd bought it.

So, I sent an email to the address provided and got a very nice one back from the chap who looks after these things.  He'd been on leave after organising lots of summer festivals and so on and had forgotten to update the card.  He's sent me a PDF with two cards on (so, apparently, we need one each - this wasn't clear on the site), which I am going to print off in a work building - only because I want it in colour :D  So, between us, we need to save £17 in three days, which should be do-able.

Well, that's all the stuff I have for now.  Bye DW!
 Spent a lot of time last night getting beaten up by the Gil Snapper.  I'll have to come back when I'm stronger.  The REALLY frustrating thing was that I almost defeated it.  I did get the Feather of the Flock and the Ring of the Toad, though.  Will use those when I come back to Giza in the Dry.  I am really enjoying finding out just how much I remember from previous playthroughs.  I'm going to press on with the story for now, though.  Three characters are at Level 28 and the others are at Level 27.  By the time I get back to the Stilshrine, they'll all be at least 28.

It looks as though the plan is for the new PM to sort out the website.  The poor sucker will be buried in that particular black hole for at least 18 months.  To me, that suggests that there will still be stuff for me to pick up, perhaps even some odds and ends to do with the website.  Having someone in this post will also create pressure to employ a developer, tester and BA - at least this is the plan.

After today, I'm off work until 14 August.  The usual plan of 'gaming + cleaning + DS9' will be in operation - with three days in Cardiff thrown in for good measure.  Just hope the weather's a bit brighter down there!

OK, I'm really struggling to find stuff to say so I'm going to stop.  Bye, DW!
 Today is the last day of my 'holiday' - but I've had a good rest and I'm feeling recharged enough to return to the fray.  I've also completed a read-through of DOAICS and made a few notes of the story as it is.  Next step is to add to the notes so that the story becomes what I want it to be.

I've decided to track down all of the diagrams for the Cat Gear in W3.  It wasn't something that I bothered much with when I was playing the game but I need a task and giving Geralt a matching suit of armour and weapons sounds like just the thing.  I can also dye it pink, if I so desire *evil grin*  There are lots of other colours out there, too.  Can't remember seeing red, though...

My new copy of 'Once Upon a World' arrived yesterday.  I haven't read it in over 30 years but flicking through it yesterday really took me back.  It's a retelling of the Bible for children and I think it's one of the reasons I tend to view the Bible as a whole - the flow of the story between so many different characters but all making their contribution.  The selection of stories is very narrow but it's only a short book and it is for children.  I shall be making use of it in my talk on 2 July.

Today, I'm going into town with the daughter to choose a new telly for the grandson's birthday.  It's a bit extravagant, perhaps, but he will get the use out of it.  And he's our only grandchild - it's our duty to spoil him!

Bye for now, DW!
 This week has been the second longest of my life.  The longest ever was one I spent selling advertising space in a diary for the fire brigade.  I managed to sell ONE space, to a cucumber grower in the south of England who I think was Italian.  To this day, I'm not sure he knew what he'd bought :D

Anyway, this week has felt like it was about a month long.  I don't know why - it wasn't particularly busy OR quiet, I'm not ill, I'm not stressed about anything...  It's just taken a ridiculous amount of effort to get from Monday to Friday.  But it is Friday, and I'm on leave ALL of next week.  I am going to slam into Blood and Wine and ignore things like housework and writing.

The fire that happened in London the other day is consuming a lot of news time and a lot of my thoughts.  It seems that the total destruction of the building was preventable, but safety laws either aren't strong enough or have been misapplied.  There were hundreds of people in the building.  So far, 17 people have been identified as having died but that number can only rise.  The fire brigade say they hope the number won't reach three figures; it seems a vain hope at this point.



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