Had my first 'proper' meeting with the new rector yesterday and gave her a potted history of my 'spiritual journey'.  And realised afterwards that I'd left out some pretty major chunks - but she said she expects to be around for at least the next 10 years so there should be an opportunity to fill in the gaps!

I have also just realised that I've done absolutely nothing to prepare for Monday's Core Community meeting - that's my job this lunch time!

I ran into my first OMG boss the other night on KH - something with very long pink legs that kept hitting me but I didn't make much of a dent in.  Goofy REALLY hurt him but then got knocked out.  I do like that KO'd characters can come back without a Phoenix Down!  Yay, something I like about this game!!!

Still looking forward to getting to Primal!

Last night, I watched Who Do You Think You Are with Noel Clarke (I know him best from Doctor Who) and then watched an old Doctor Who story and one of the special features - and didn't go to bed until 11.30pm!  Given that I'm normally asleep by 10.30pm this was definitely staying up late!

I'm thinking that I might end up buying the DVDs for Peter Davidson and Sylvester McCoy's doctors on ebay and selling them on when I've watched them.  Unless Netflix does have them hidden away somewhere.  We shall see.  But LoveFilm are trying to help - my package allows me to have two discs at home and they're sending out three or four at a time to get me through as many as possible before the service ends.

I've been watching a 'let's play' of Persona 1 on YouTube.  The player annoys me a bit, not least because he leaves in ALL the battles and ALL his shopping decisions but I'm finding the story interesting.

Well, time to get on with the day!


Jul. 17th, 2017 07:26 am
 I'm about 10 hours into FFXII:ZA and I'm in the middle of the Sandsea.  I've had one 'Game Over' on the Leviathan but otherwise I'm doing OK.  I did run out of potions in the Ogir-Yensa, though.  Now I know why they have so many merchants wandering around the desert!  My characters are mostly at Level 11 (Balthier, for some reason, is only 9 and Basch has charged his way to 12) but the Urutan-Yensa are all Level 12, so I'm feeling the need to do some level grinding.  I have a habit of playing either the 'girls team' or the 'boys team'.  When I ran out of potions I switched from the boys to the girls because they were at a better level - and both Penelo and Fran know Cure.  Now I've stocked up on potions, I'll go back to the boys and take them back through the Ogir-Yensa, and possibly the Westersand, too, then come back with the girls.  The idea is to get everyone to about Level 15 before we tackle Raithwall's Tomb.

I have all of my characters busily acquiring Licenses from their respective boards (Vaan: Shikari, Penelo: White Mage, Fran: Archer, Balthier: Machinist, Ashe: Foebreaker, Basch: Knight) but, at the moment, I can't give them a second board.  Don't know if I need to max out the ones I'm using, or just the Gambit and Quickening slots?  Or, if there's a particular point in the game where you get the option to choose another board? (Just looked this up - there is a 'Second Board License' you have to learn).  Also, there appear to be four Quickening slots per character but the bit of blurb still only talks about three. (You can only learn three but some of them are blocking other licenses - so be careful which of the four slots you choose!)

A good thing about the new game - both of the map urns for the Yensa were right at the start of the Sandsea - I guess some players missed them because you did have to hunt them out.

A bad thing - the Sky Pirate's Den has been replaced by ordinary trophies.  I am SERIOUSLY upset by this!

My other news is that the next actor to play Doctor Who is a woman, Jodie Wittacker.  I have concerns about this (relating to the character as a PACIFIST male role model, and not any nonsense about being able to fly the TARDIS) but I will definitely give her a chance.

OK, enough geekery - time to start my Monday!
 I am REALLY enjoying Witcher 3: Blood and Wine, much more than the main game. I'm actually seeking out sidequests and getting quite excited about my home improvements. And the Big Bad looks like a VERY interesting character. Of course, the home improvements require cash, so I'm back to looting everything and everyone to get stuff to sell.

Even on 'story only' (ie VERY easy) and with Geralt at level 40+ the battles are challenging. I've improved my swords but I haven't found any armour I like better than the stuff I got about 3/4 of the way through the main game. But I am using my potions and signs, and dodging. So, yeah, it's all good.

All of the sidequests in Witcher 3 have an interesting little story behind them and one of the ones in B&W (The Hunger Game) is actually heart breaking. Geralt is a true defender of the weak and I'm enjoying making those choices for him.

And another (Great Balls of Granite) was just silly. But hey, who doesn't like a bit of silly?

Enjoyed this week's Doctor Who, 'The Empress of Mars'. The actress playing the Ice Warrior Queen did a great job, considering most of her face was covered. And Ben Kingsley's son did an excellent job of playing a cad :D Partly it was an exploration of the British attitude of 'we see it, we like it, we take it', which has led to so many of the problems we face today. And partly it was about how getting to know someone very different to you can lead to co-operation. And boy do we need some of that!

OK, that'll do for now. Bye, DW.

 A relaxed weekend, although Saturday was one of those days where lots of little things get done. This included four loads of washing, washed, pegged on the line, dried and put away (love the sun when it comes to washing) and a pan of celery soup (that would have benefitted from more celery and less garlic but was still very nice).

I haven't written much about this series of Doctor Who because I'm really not sure what I'm making of it and haven't been able to talk to my Doctor-loving colleague to sort my thoughts out. What I do know: Capaldi's Doctor is the BEST; Bill is AMAZING (I sooo want her to stay); Lucas' Nardole has been a revelation; Missy is one of the greatest villains ever because you can't help but like her; this is THE most terrifying series I can remember (although Eccleston's stint has some stand-out moments). What I don't know: I'm left feeling slightly disgruntled at the end of each episode but I can't put my finger on what the problem is - the writing, the acting, the effects, they're all top notch but something just isn't working. Maybe the knowledge that this is Capaldi's last series is just throwing a bit of a cloud over everything.

I made some progress in W3:HoS, yesterday. J was right - hitting the painting was the way to go. I'm now in a part of the game that is basically a maze that I have to negotiate within a certain amount of time. I did manage to (somehow) make my way through most of it (on the second attempt) but then I died with absolutely no idea what route I'd taken to get there. So, I looked up a walkthrough and made notes of the route. I make no apology for this. Getting lost in a maze against the clock is not my idea of FUN. From the titles of the other videos that popped up, it looks like I'm heading for the 'good' ending.

And it looks as though we might have made a decision about where to go for our anniversary - Cardiff. Which, amongst other attractions, hosts the Doctor Who Exhibition!

Well, today I'm planning to pick up a couple of pairs of shoes, make progress in W3:HoS (and possibly finish it), give the kitchen a proper clean and hoover the carpets upstairs. I might even throw the mop over the living room floor. And I have some ST:DS9 and old Doctor Who to watch, if things get really slow.

Bye for now, DW.
 At the end of each little flash fiction I'm adding a line describing what I've learned about that character that I didn't know before. Which is the point of the exercise. It's really interesting what shakes loose. And it's really interesting to see what my initial thoughts about them were when I was writing the character sheet and that have proved to be completely wrong. Yeah - people. Strange creatures - I struggle with all of them, even the ones that only exist in my head.

I've added an extra line against each character on the plot sheet. We now have 'Main Plot' and 'Personal Journey'. I love being able to do so much work to a story without actually getting into the manuscript. Of course, at some point I am going to have to do that... But that's quite a ways off.

Tonight, I plan to tackle Noct's playthrough of Chapter 13. I probably won't get to Gladio and Iggy until Sunday, but that's OK.

And tomorrow there's The Doctor to look forward to. Can't believe we're up to Episode 4 already!

Well, time to get today started.

And at some point I will find a userpic...



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