Well, what a ride THAT was!

BTW - this s a long post and I'm not going to hide it because, as far as I know, only one person is going to read it. If you are interested in my personal view of British politics, please read. Otherwise, just skip over the whole thing :)

When TM called a snap general election (after saying several times that she absolutely, categorically, irrefutably would NOT call one under ANY circumstances whatsoever), she was riding high in the opinion polls. For some reason, people loved her and her party with their 'we need MORE austerity and we need it NOW' mantra, even though people were literally dying from poverty (in the fucking 21st Century!!!) and rich people had seen their income DOUBLE since the financial crash of 2008.

And her opponent was a Leftist geography teacher lookalike who actually believes Socialism is not only a good thing but can work, who had 0 credibility with the people, the press and even his own MPs. Not only would she wipe the floor with him but she would trample all over him, then hang him out to dry.

But she did have a problem. Well, two problems. Firstly, she, as leader, had never been given a mandate by the British public to push ahead with Brexit. I mean, she wasn't even elected to BE leader by her own party because she bullied/bribed the other candidates into standing down! But, I hear you say, she had a large majority in the House of Commons; what need had she of this 'mandate'? Which brings us to problem number 2. 30 Tory MPs were under investigation for electoral fraud in 2015. If any, or all, of them were found guilty, she would lose her majority.

Personally, I think P2 was the bigger player here. TM is SO arrogant that the idea of a 'mandate from the people' feels like a convenient excuse rather than something she would actually see a need for. And what happened to these 30 MPs? Well, AFTER the call for the GE, the Crown Prosecution Service decided that there wasn't a case to answer because all 30 had simply been following orders from the central party and it was THEM who had got the rules wrong. What's a poor innocent Tory to do? So, all 30 cases were dropped. And none has been brought against the party. Yeah...

Anyway, over the 7 weeks of campaigning, Labour's popularity grew. The 'unelectable' Jeremy Corbyn went out and actually spoke to people. And people, thousands of people, came to listen. And he changed people's minds. It was a beautiful thing to see, so to have Ian Hislop on 'Have I Got News For You' still sneering at him was uncomfortable. And Jo Brand's line about 'the only thing TM won was 50 more seats than JC' is a gross over-stating of the facts. OK, the Tories have about 50 more seats than Labour - but they LOST 13 and Labour WON 30. And TM is now without her majority and without a fucking Government.

Personally, I vote Green not Labour. Partly that's about my MP, with whom I have a fundamental difference of opinion about Israel/Palestine. but also, I actually believe the Green Party better represents my views and interests. Although Labour are MUCH greener under JC.

So, what happened? Yup - we got the worst of all possible worlds. A hung Parliament. With Brexit negotiations due to start on 19 June.

And now we have the humiliating sight of the Democratic Unionist Party holding the whole fucking UK over a barrel in a way that the paramilitaries of both sides could only have dreamed of.

I'm not sure I want JC to step in at this point. Brexit is a poisoned chalice par excellence and it's going to be extremely difficult to get anything good out of it. The advantage he would have is that he called neither the referendum nor the election and could, legitimately, ask for time to properly prepare the UK's plan. Because we still don't have a fucking PLAN!!! The referendum was a YEAR AGO and we still don't have a fucking PLAN!!!

On the other hand, it's really difficult to see Britain coming out of this process with a 'good' deal and I wouldn't want JC, or Labour, to be the ones that screwed it up. What he has now, for the first time in 7 years, is a strong opposition. If I were him, I'd take full advantage of THAT and bide my time for a fresh election to be called.

Because if we don't have another GE in the next 12 months (possibly even 6) I would be VERY surprised.

So, yeah, interesting times...
 Made some progress with B&W last night. I'm TERRIBLE at the time trial - can't even stay on the bloody track! Still, the important thing is helping Vivienne - and I did get a nifty new crossbow.

I've been compiling a wish list for the remake of FF8 - if it ever materialises.

Things to keep
- story (I know there are HUGE plot holes in it but that's part of its charm)
- drawing and junctioning systems

Things to lose
- random battles, although I think they'd go anyway
- other than that, I can't think of anything I'd ditch

Things to add
- proper camping, like FFXV
- drawing from environment, like FFXV
- clothes for different weather conditions - surely we can do this, now?!
- a specialism for each character, eg, Irvine - fishing; Squall - cooking

Hopefully Square Enix will pick up on this!

I've begun working my way through DOAICS, chapter-by-chapter, to update my plot matrix. Some of my initial planning is sooo far out! When I've captured the 'as is', I'll work out what I want to add/lose for the rewrite. Feels like progress is being made!

Also making a little progress at work. I really hate days when I have to find stuff to do, but the new project application process still needs work, so there's that.

And that's all for now. Toodles, DW!

 ...amidst more horror and destruction and pointless loss of life...
 I've been watching the Britain's Got Talent semi-finals this week, so no W3:B&W, other than what I played on Monday. But it is time spent with husband, so that is a Good Thing.

We're both getting excited about our trip to Cardiff in August. I really need some 'nice' nightwear... Yes, I said 'need' and I meant it! I also need some nice maxi-dresses so that I can stay cool and comfortable.

It's raining today, which means digging out a pair of boots. WTF? It's JUNE!!!

And yes, work is slow - lots of people are off due to the school half-term. And even when I tried to make progress on a thing yesterday, I couldn't because other people need to do something first. Le sigh.

The latest practice (how did we get to #7 already?!) in Leo Babauta's 44 days challenge is 'Loving Kindness'. You begin by wishing yourself happiness, peace and freedom from trouble, then someone you love in an uncomplicated way, then someone you feel neutral about, then someone you REALLY don't like, then your group (family, country, something in between), then all living things. I'm finding it a helpful way to meditate because I'm thinking of something rather than trying to keep my mind empty. And doing it first thing in the morning before I do anything else means it gets done!

The new character sheets also continue apace. I think I only have two more to do, then I can get on with the plot!

I have spent the morning so far sneezing and blowing my nose. Hope I'm not coming down with something...

Planning to swing by the doctor's this morning and book a smear appointment. Yay...

Well, that's all for now. Time to get this day started!
 I'm currently writing the character sheets I didn't bother with when I was prepping for DOAIS but which I have felt the need for since doing the flash pieces. It's amazing what you learn about characters!

Work is ticking along. Looking forward to the CRM meeting today - they're usually interesting, and I feel a sense of 'YAY!!!' whenever we shuffle half a step further along with some element. It has to be said that there is quite often an accompanying sense of 'NOO-OO-OO!!!' when someone tries to introduce something new to the mix.

Our room at the Angel, Cardiff is booked. Had a minor panic when I realised I'd booked the train tickets BEFORE securing the room - and without being sure I could change them. But it's all fine. I also bought a Visitor Card that gives you discounts on all sorts of goodies around Cardiff - then realised it's only valid for a month. So, I'll have to buy another one nearer the time - doh!

OK, time to get this day started properly. Toodles.
 A relaxed weekend, although Saturday was one of those days where lots of little things get done. This included four loads of washing, washed, pegged on the line, dried and put away (love the sun when it comes to washing) and a pan of celery soup (that would have benefitted from more celery and less garlic but was still very nice).

I haven't written much about this series of Doctor Who because I'm really not sure what I'm making of it and haven't been able to talk to my Doctor-loving colleague to sort my thoughts out. What I do know: Capaldi's Doctor is the BEST; Bill is AMAZING (I sooo want her to stay); Lucas' Nardole has been a revelation; Missy is one of the greatest villains ever because you can't help but like her; this is THE most terrifying series I can remember (although Eccleston's stint has some stand-out moments). What I don't know: I'm left feeling slightly disgruntled at the end of each episode but I can't put my finger on what the problem is - the writing, the acting, the effects, they're all top notch but something just isn't working. Maybe the knowledge that this is Capaldi's last series is just throwing a bit of a cloud over everything.

I made some progress in W3:HoS, yesterday. J was right - hitting the painting was the way to go. I'm now in a part of the game that is basically a maze that I have to negotiate within a certain amount of time. I did manage to (somehow) make my way through most of it (on the second attempt) but then I died with absolutely no idea what route I'd taken to get there. So, I looked up a walkthrough and made notes of the route. I make no apology for this. Getting lost in a maze against the clock is not my idea of FUN. From the titles of the other videos that popped up, it looks like I'm heading for the 'good' ending.

And it looks as though we might have made a decision about where to go for our anniversary - Cardiff. Which, amongst other attractions, hosts the Doctor Who Exhibition!

Well, today I'm planning to pick up a couple of pairs of shoes, make progress in W3:HoS (and possibly finish it), give the kitchen a proper clean and hoover the carpets upstairs. I might even throw the mop over the living room floor. And I have some ST:DS9 and old Doctor Who to watch, if things get really slow.

Bye for now, DW.
 I've discovered that I know three people who know people who know the family of one of the girls killed on Monday. Three people from completely different parts of my life who all know this one family. We are all connected, all much closer than we realise to each other. But what do we do? We try to cut ourselves off, hide in our own little bubbles, deliberately ignore the humanity in each other. That is NOT the way to make the world a better place.

I haven't actually seen soldiers on the streets but one of the girls in the hairdressers yesterday said she'd seen then marching past. I can't express how uncomfortable it makes me feel, knowing that this is the reaction of the Prime Minister of my country to this situation. How is hyping up the public's fear level going to stabilise the situation?! But, of course, it all plays into her hands. Raise the fear level by appearing to address people's fears. It's moronic but I haven't seen much in the way of protest, other than my own fb rants. God help us. What world are we going to wake up to on 9 June?

One of my colleagues said he was feeling more upbeat about the result of the election, expecting a hung parliament, until the bombing. Now he's back to expecting it to be a Tory landslide. I said that there was still quite a lot of time before the election but it occurs to me that this is precisely what all this manufactured paranoia is about. Keep it in the public consciousness as long as possible.

I've said it before and I'm sure I'll say it again many times as long as she is Prime Minister but Theresa May terrifies me. The way she waltzed into Number 10 without even having to face an election in her own party! The U-turn on Brexit without even batting an eyelid. The lack of responsibility for the hacking of the NHS, which was a result of her actions as Home Secretary. A manifesto stuffed with policies that will hurt the most vulnerable in our society - I mean, they've actually printed this stuff, this horror show and they're still ahead in the polls! And now this; armed police and soldiers to 'keep our streets safe'.

God help us all.
 Didn't get to HoS last night and I don't think I'll get to it again before Sunday. Still, I managed to clock up 4 hours on it last Sunday (in two sittings), so there's a good chance I'll make some progress this Sunday.

Watched the first part of The Trial on Channel 4's catch up service yesterday morning, which was a tortuous experience to say the least. It would play for 30 seconds, then buffer for 30 seconds, then play again. And, being on line, it also had ad breaks. Then it cut out completely about halfway through, so I restarted it and moved along to where I guessed it had gone off. And it made me sit through another 3 minutes of adverts! So, what should have taken 50 minutes took nearer 90. Not impressed. I do want to watch the other episodes, so I'll see if the catch up service on the telly works any better. But, again, it might be Sunday before that happens.

One of the victims of Monday's bombing was a girl who lived in the same area as my daughter and went to school with the sister of one of our grandson's friends. They have a real community spirit up there, so there's an event at the local pub on Friday night. Which means we're having the grandson on Friday as well as Saturday.

Still trying to process Monday night, I mean, it's a terrible thing that happened and, of course, I condemn anyone involved. To target a concert where most of the people are going to be young girls is... Well, there are all kinds of messages in such an act, aren't there? But it's the aftermath that I find really scary. My son and I saw armed police in town on Tuesday. I've only ever seen a real gun once before and that was a hand gun in a plastic bag in a cupboard. This was two automatic weapons being carried by police officers in my city centre. I felt sick. And now there's talk of soldiers on the streets and the paranoid part of me expects Theresa May to enact some emergency power that makes her a dictator and scraps the election altogether.

Because she's called for an indefinite suspension of election campaigning - but her face is still on the telly. She gets to campaign without campaigning - neat trick, eh? Margaret Thatcher must be turning in her grave from sheer envy!

So, yes, I'm more scared today than I was on Monday but not because of the actual suicide bombing of a concert. It's the actions of the Prime Minister that terrify me.
 I managed to make some progress with Hearts of Stone, yesterday. One adventure saw Geralt possessed by a debauched ghost who had some really great lines. He made me :D

I realise that I haven't noted the fact that we are now homeowners. We have completed the purchase of our house - now we just need to pay it off! Still, that will take 17 years and cost less than paying rent forever and a day. Our lender sent us a 'welcome to your new home' hamper (even though we haven't moved!) containing tea, coffee, biscuits - and toilet roll! You can imagine it being very welcome to people who know that the coffee and loo roll are SOMEWHERE in all those boxes... For us, it was just amusing.

I am going to finally sort out the insurance (life and home) tomorrow. And then we begin the brave new world.

St Michael's were on good form, yesterday. A good sized congregation, some good-enough singing (hate unfamiliar hymns), and some candle lighting to keep them on their toes. As a good Protestant girl, I always had a slight sense of horror at the idea of lighting candles but when it was introduced at St Bride's I fell in love. It's such a simple thing but powerful. Giving people the chance to participate, even if it's in silence, is just brilliant.

OK, that's all for now. Toodles, DW.
 I'm steadily working my way through the flash vignettes for the DOAIS characters. I'm finding it a really worthwhile experience. Delving into their pasts is a) making them more real to me and b) giving me insights into them as people, which will c) make them more rounded in the novel. One of the things (and there are many!) I love about FFXII is that the characters feel like they have REAL pasts, lives that happened before the story begins. It makes them so much more interesting.

Another suggestion I came across this week was to write down 20 things about a character that the reader will never know. The idea being that some of the sense (and potentially the things themselves) will seep into the writing. I already have pretty detailed character sheets but it's something to keep in mind.

Anyway, I have 7 more vignettes to do, which will take me nicely to the end of the month. I'll give myself the final couple of days off from actual writing but I will have a think about how I tackle the next step, which involves replotting the whole thing. Which is, of course, the thing that I've been putting off in the name of 'getting to know my characters better'!

The other discipline I've applied the last few weeks is Leo Barbauto's 44 day challenge. He's introducing readers to 11 practices designed to help one become more Zen - starting with breathing and body awareness, and moving on to managing the thoughts that will intrude when one is meditating. On a personal level, it's about quieting the monkey brain and just being more present. On a wider level, it's about being more in control of one's emotions and recognising that people don't always behave the way we want them to - and that's OK. Well, unless it isn't - it's not a free pass to abuse.

Anyway, although I haven't ever managed to meditate on a regular basis before, the first few practices are all things I have experience of. I am also familiar with letting things go, managing the stories I tell myself about my own and others' behaviour. As well as my daily (almost!) Chi Qong practice, I am now managing a few minutes of meditation most mornings. It hasn't (yet) changed my life but I appreciate the way he's layering the practices, and I expect to hit something new further down the line.

Work-wise, in contrast,  I've been allowing myself a bit more slack! But I'm still getting the stuff done that needs to be done.

Doctor Who tonight, following some cleaning and possible DS9. Saturday's are always fun.

I also need to have a conversation with my mother about her house. And I need to have a conversation with my son about behaving like a home-owner and not a squatter.

Fingers crossed they go well!
 Finally got to start Hearts of Stone last night. Didn't get very far, partly because I hadn't downloaded it and I watched a 45 minute long thing whilst it did that, but it's looking interesting so far. And HARD. I'm at level 35 on a quest that recommends level 30 AND I've got the difficulty setting at 'story only', and I still struggled with the battles.

I was coming to the end of the first big battle - giant poison-spitting toad - when the husband came in asking for a leg rub. 'Don't rush,' he said. After the toad, there was a long cut scene and then I was right into another battle with some soldiers and a mage, and during all of this I couldn't save. By the time I'd dispatched the soldiers and had a chance to meditate and re-don my armour, then save, the poor man was asleep. I shall have to make it up to him this morning.

Well, the last three days at work have been very busy - but we know that busy is good. One of the things I was doing was preparing some slides for my boss for her to present at the cascade meeting in June. I've done three VERY basic slides that I don't think are what she wants but are what she asked for. I'm really getting the hang of being an IT professional! I shall have a word with her later.

Looking forward to a quieter couple of days.
 Had a proper night's sleep last night - hooray! I don't often have trouble sleeping but when I do it makes me Grumpy Rosa. I did manage to function pretty well yesterday, given that I started the day at 9am with a meeting full of high-powered types talking endlessly about nothing.

I also snagged ANOTHER meeting's worth of biscuits, so I had quite a haul to take back to the office. I have decided that the re-selling of biscuits is reaching scandalous proportions and make a point of removing any that are left over at the end of meetings. Even if it wasn't my meeting! The same thing is actually happening with tea bags and sugar sachets but biscuits are easier to deal with.

Didn't get to Hearts of Stone last night, so that will have to be tonight's job.

Chased the solicitor on the house - they're waiting for confirmation from LMH. Surprised? No, me neither.

Watched an interesting programme about a woman following the old Salt Roads from Tangiers to Timbuktu. I think it's a two-parter but it could have been longer. She barely had time to introduce each of the places she visited before she was off again. Given the cost of sending her to North Africa in the first place, you'd think they'd want to get as much programme out of it as possible.

Then I watched the second episode of Elizabeth I with Lily Cole as the queen. All seems a bit doom and gloom. Good things did happen during her reign! But they're focussing on how she was always walking a political tightrope, which is true enough. In fact, it's amazing that she lived as long as she did and didn't die of a stress-induced heart attack!

I enjoyed the latest episode of Doctor Who on Saturday but I've just read a critique that's made me wonder. The new companion is black and, unlike with Martha, the show is recognising that. But she was accused of racism by a blue alien and the critique said this revealed the smugness of the white writer. I saw it as we all run into things that will take us aback and have prejudices that we aren't even aware of until they smack us in the face. I mean, how is a human supposed to react to a blue alien when she has never even suspected they exist before? Her reaction was one of surprise and curiosity, not racism - as I saw it. But maybe it's my white privilege showing.

Anyway, another busy day ahead. Bye for now, DW.
 Just watched the final episode of 'Little Boy Blue', a dramatization of the real life events following the death of Rhys Jones in Liverpool in 2007. He was the same age as my grandson, getting ready to go to senior school after the summer holidays. He was shot, accidentally, by a member of a local gang who was firing at members of a rival gang. It's left me feeling...

Feeling what? Just feeling. His parents' loss is unfathomable. How do you even begin to get over something like that? They managed to support each other through the investigation and trial but then it fell apart. I can imagine them holding it together, then just not knowing what to do, how to move on. They split up for a while but are now back together. I'm so glad.

You don't know how you'll cope with a tragedy until it happens. Thankfully, my young ones are all safe and well, my husband is here, we're a family.

But what of my sister-in-law's kids, scattered to the winds? What of her brother who lost his father too young and his mother by default?

What of my mother, finding her husband dead by his own hand? Another accident, but just as final as if it were deliberate. Auto-erotic asphyxiation - how did he even know about it? Who on earth first tried that?!

And what would my life had been if he had lived? Where would I be? Who would I be?

Impossible questions. The only answer is, 'somewhere else, someone else' - possibly married but probably not with the family I have now. A different life, neither better nor worse; just different.

He was always present in his absence, always a part of my psyche, although I barely knew him and have no memory of him. An influence on my development, my growth, my self.

But this post was prompted by the tragic loss of an innocent child, not that of a grown man who should have known better.

He lives on in the memory of his family and all who knew him.

RIP Rhys.

 And it's raining. Yay... Although I was expecting rain this time last week (it ALWAYS rains on my birthday), so it's probably a good thing. Except that I have a day of moving between buildings today, so I'm going to get wet. Roll on Move to Exchange Station!

Finally got round to finishing FFXV last night. The camping scene made me cry this time. So much going on there. I picked the wedding dress picture for my certificate of completion. I am still VERY annoyed by the all male line up. There is a part of the story when Iris joins the group and you could go and do quite a lot of the sidequests with her. Her special move involves Gladio which is part sweet (awww, brother-sister team up!) and part annoying (why can't she do it on her own?!?!). And there's a convoluted way to get Aranaea on the team and she is as badass as it gets.

Doing the story-only playthrough really helped with understanding Luna's part in the whole thing, too. Previously, it was all too spread out and disjointed. But I did the whole thing in 15 hours (spread over three weeks - LOL). OK, partly that's because I was level 64-66 but I don't think it would take much more than that if you started from level 1. Battles would be a LOT harder, of course. In fact, I don't think it would be possible to do a story-only playthrough without doing some sidequests for levelling purposes.

I do expect to play again and when I do it'll be with a walkthrough and I'll do EVERYTHING, even the damned adamatoise! But the next few weeks are for W3 DLCs. I just need to make sure I get them finished before 11 July *faints with excitement*

My gamer colleague is due back today, so I'll get to geek out a bit in work - in between meetings.

Had a nice, quiet weekend. Looking forward to a busy week!
 It's been a REALLY long week! Is it really less than a week since my birthday?

I didn't get to FFXV last night, so it'll probably be tomorrow, now. *sigh* I really need to stop watching television - but 'Have I Got News For You?' is a) hilarious and b) the best political commentary around. And a chance to spend time with the family.

Yesterday was supposedly the completion date for the house. We had an email from the lender last week saying they would transfer the funds on that date but I didn't hear from them or the solicitor yesterday. I presume that means they handled everything between them and didn't need us - but SOME communication would have been helpful. I'm expecting a letter or email today or Monday. If we don't hear by Monday, I'll get in touch with the solicitor. This process has taken nigh on a year, mostly due to delays from LMH. Part of me still isn't sure it's the best idea. I mean, I am a HUGE fan of social housing (not to mention someone else being responsible for things like leaky roofs!). But we aren't going to move out any time soon (if ever), so it's not going to be available for another family, and this way, the landlord get funding to build new housing. Plus, we'll pay the mortgage off in 17 years and then we'll be done. And, to be fair, we've hardly ever had any problems with the house in the 28 years we've been here.

I bought a very pretty top on ebay the other day, which I'm hoping will turn up today. But I forgot to check in on a skirt and trouser suit I was watching, before I went to sleep - so that's gone. I really could do with a 'new' brown suit.

After a couple of quietish weeks at work, next week looks manic. Expect much wailing and gnashing of teeth in this journal!

Well, time for emails and then to get dressed and get this day underway. Doctor Who tonight!
 So, the cast list for DOAICS is pretty long, even though the story only focusses on a few of them. But that's going to change now that Brad has such a pivotal role in the revised version. And Susaal seems to want in on the action - just not sure how to manage him. Hmmm... need to think about that.

Anyway, using the writing.com flash fiction prompts is really interesting. They are totally random (today's was 'write a story including the words window, whistle, pin') but the selection of the character isn't - it's just whoever is next in the list. Of course, the list was compiled rather randomly in the first place - it was just whichever character I thought of, rather than their importance to the plot! So, Susaal and his father appear before Brad, even though Brad was arguably more important to the story (certainly as far as Langley's state of mind went) even in the original version. But, Brad is now going to have a much more prominent role.

But I am finding out some interesting stuff about them. With flash fiction pieces, I don't usually have much of an idea of where the story is going. I pick a character, a location, and a bit of a scenario - and see where it goes. So far, they have all turned out pretty coherent and, as I say, interesting.

The plan is: finish the flash fiction pieces for each character; rewrite the plot sheet; insert the new words; smooth it all out; do a plot edit (does this REALLY make sense?); do an edit per character (or, at least, for each major character); possibly do a tech edit; do a final smoothing out edit. This is going to take a while!

Work-wise, I'm actually getting into this quality stuff. It is definitely 'what we do' but we aren't explicit about it. At the very least, tracking it for myself will a) give me something to do and b) boost my skill set.

It's Quantico on the telly tonight, so finishing FFXV will probably happen tomorrow. Then it's W3 DLCs, here I come!
 Last night, I FINALLY got to play the Gladio/Iggy version of Ch13. It was... interesting. They took a different route through the Keep and it filled in some of the gaps in the story. I'm not sure what I was expecting, really. Anyway, I'm now at the beginning of Ch14 and expect to finish the game on my next session - which will probably be Friday.

As well as my own realisation of what's going on on the train, I watched a YouTube video yesterday that tied it all in with the rescue of Prompto. So THAT's why he asks those questions! Of course!!!

I've said it before (and I'll probably say it again!) but this game really does have the best plot of any FF game ever, but it's probably the most poorly executed. But doing this 'story only' playthrough has helped so much with making everything make sense.

We had a lovely meal on Monday night. It's just nice to be the two of us now and then.

I'm having another week of having to look for stuff to do, this week. Everyone else seems REALLY busy and I worry that I'm not doing something I should be doing - but I'm really not. I spent some time yesterday looking at some of the JDs for jobs I've applied for in the past to give me some ideas for expanding my role. I'm not interested in redrafting my own JD until I'm in a position to go for a promotion, but I need to be able to demonstrate how I am working above my grade. I have time.

The only other news is that the house sale should be completed on Friday. It's taken nearly a year but we're nearly there...
 I got through all my jobs on Saturday AND managed to have a relaxing day.

Yesterday, I did the Noct playthrough of Chapter 13 and I don't think there ARE any changes. The ring is still a pain in the arse, the enemies were the same. I didn't find as many of the documents as I remembered and Ardyn did talk about the facility (and Prompto) - but I think I just missed the former and listened better to the latter. I may get to the Gladio/Iggy version tonight - we'll see.

So far, my birthday haul is: money (including a Lush gift card), W3 DLCs, FFXII:ZA, a scarf, a book, and some Lush products. Not bad for a random year. Tonight, the husband and I are going to an Indian restaurant that I've walked past LOADS of times and always smells amazing. We had a little look at the menu last night to give ourselves an idea of what to get.

Otherwise, it's going to be a pretty normal day. It's a LONG time since I worked on my birthday, but I'll survive!
 So, a lot of my week-day habits (like 4 minutes of Chi Qong as soon as I get out of bed) go by the wayside at the weekend. But I am rather proud of myself for keeping up the writing habit this morning. It has also provided some food for thought on how best to utilise Harris, a sketchy character at best in the original draft. In fact, I'm not even sure she makes an appearance!

I didn't get to FFXV last night (family games followed by TV game shows), so Chapter 13 will have to wait until tomorrow. But depending on how much I get done today (hang out washing, hoover house, clean bathroom) I might get both playthroughs done.

And there's the fourth episode of Doctor Who tonight *squeals with excitement* Can't believe we're up to the fourth episode already!

One of the downsides to writing in here every (or almost every) day is that I don't have much to record. But if I leave it too long, I forget everything. Oh, the perils of middle-age.

Well, time to get this day properly started. Toodles, DW.
 At the end of each little flash fiction I'm adding a line describing what I've learned about that character that I didn't know before. Which is the point of the exercise. It's really interesting what shakes loose. And it's really interesting to see what my initial thoughts about them were when I was writing the character sheet and that have proved to be completely wrong. Yeah - people. Strange creatures - I struggle with all of them, even the ones that only exist in my head.

I've added an extra line against each character on the plot sheet. We now have 'Main Plot' and 'Personal Journey'. I love being able to do so much work to a story without actually getting into the manuscript. Of course, at some point I am going to have to do that... But that's quite a ways off.

Tonight, I plan to tackle Noct's playthrough of Chapter 13. I probably won't get to Gladio and Iggy until Sunday, but that's OK.

And tomorrow there's The Doctor to look forward to. Can't believe we're up to Episode 4 already!

Well, time to get today started.

And at some point I will find a userpic...



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