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Meeting with line manager went well yesterday.  He's asked me to take the UoL JD and benchmark myself against it, which I think is the step we missed out last year.  I think our boss' boss (and possibly my line manager at the time and our boss) got the impression I wanted a new post created just for me and was suggesting the JD as a blueprint, when all I wanted was to use it as a benchmark.  At least in the first instance.  Because if it does show that I am doing that job, it then does become a blueprint, doesn't it?

And if the benchmarking exercise reveals that, actually, I'm not working at that level, well I can draw a line under the whole thing.  On reflection, I could have done the exercise myself a year ago.  But this is why I have a line manager, to help me identify the next steps.

We got an email yesterday about the Aurora Scheme, which seeks to support women in training for leadership roles.  But you have to map out your planned career path as part of the application, showing how you want to reach a senior management position within 10 years.  Who knows their future career path in that detail?!  And what if something comes up that screws up the plan?  Still, it demonstrates ambition, I suppose.  But it also equates leadership with management and I don't think they're necessarily the same thing.  I do want to take a closer look at the information, though.  With a supportive line manager, I have a real opportunity to progress.



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