May. 8th, 2017

 I got through all my jobs on Saturday AND managed to have a relaxing day.

Yesterday, I did the Noct playthrough of Chapter 13 and I don't think there ARE any changes. The ring is still a pain in the arse, the enemies were the same. I didn't find as many of the documents as I remembered and Ardyn did talk about the facility (and Prompto) - but I think I just missed the former and listened better to the latter. I may get to the Gladio/Iggy version tonight - we'll see.

So far, my birthday haul is: money (including a Lush gift card), W3 DLCs, FFXII:ZA, a scarf, a book, and some Lush products. Not bad for a random year. Tonight, the husband and I are going to an Indian restaurant that I've walked past LOADS of times and always smells amazing. We had a little look at the menu last night to give ourselves an idea of what to get.

Otherwise, it's going to be a pretty normal day. It's a LONG time since I worked on my birthday, but I'll survive!



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